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Twist Of Fate – Season 1 Episode 175 – Stories


Grandmother asks Pragya why she slapped Tanu.
Aunt Indu says they’ve never slapped anyone in the house before.
Pragya says Tanu came into her room without permission.

Tanu says Pragya can’t control her because Pragya says she’s not part of the family.
Pragya tells everyone that Tanu was in her room trying to steal a briefcase.
Aunt Indu says Tanu can’t do this because she has money of her own.

Tanu agrees with her and says she can’t steal money out of a briefcase because she has her own
Pragya says she didn’t say there was money in the briefcase so how did she know.

Alia prays that Tanu doesn’t mention her.

Tanu says she saw when the man delivered the briefcase to Ronnie and Alia was there.
Alia says it was Ronnie who said it.
Ronnie says he left the briefcase with them and noticed they were looking at it with big eyes
Pragya tells Tanu that she has now confessed she knew there was money in the briefcase and wanted to steal it.
Tanu says she only went to the room to get a CD for Abhi that he had asked her to.
Pragya asks when he told her.
Tanu says she got a text message from him.
Pragya asks Ronnie to get Tanu’s phone.
Tanu says she deleted the text message.

Pragya asks Ronnie to tell them what he saw.
Ronnie says Pragya told him to keep watch and he saw Tanu sneak into the room.
Tanu asks if he has proof.
Grandmother pretends to be on Tanu’s side.
Pragya says she will call the police to investigate and Tanu will end up in jail.
Tanu tells Grandmother to stop Pragya.
Grandmother tells Pragya to go ahead and call the police because Tanu is innocent.

Pragya turns around and starts dialing.

Tanu tries to leave the room but Ronnie stops her.
Pragya tells Tanu to confess before the police get there so she can avoid jail.
Tanu says Pragya is the thief for taking all of Abhi’s property.

Pragya tells her she can file a case after she is released from prison but she should know that she will have her baby in prison.
Tanu says she knows Pragya is doing all this because she had previously accused Pragya of theft.
Pragya tells her to confess otherwise she would reveal her biggest secret to everyone in the room.
Tanu asks what secret she’s referring to.
Pragya says it’s a long story and she would rather they didn’t get into it.
Tanu tells Pragya to just wait till Abhi comes downstairs.
She starts yelling for Abhi to come down.
Pragya asks if she has forgotten so soon that she said Abhi sent her a message because he’s not home.

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The police arrive and Tanu goes numb.
Pragya tells her to confess now as it’s her last chance.

Purab is looking for Bulbul and he’s unable to reach her on the phone
He wonders if she’s gone to see Pragya.

The police inspector in charge asks Pragya for the thief.
Pragya shows Tanu to him.
Tanu vows to deal with Pragya.

The inspector instructs his men to arrest Tanu.
Tanu goes to Grandmother and says she’s not guilty but she’s unable to prove her innocence.
She begs her to tell Alhaji how Pragya framed her.
She tells Pragya that when she gets out of jail, she will let Abhi’s fans know so they can attack Pragya.
She begs Grandmother to bless her and Grandmother touches her head.

Tanu goes to Alia and Alia says she has had enough.
Alia promises to get her out of prison by tomorrow.

The inspector in charge tells Pragya to open the briefcase so they can get Tanu to return the money.
Pragya says Tanu didn’t have the time to open the briefcase and take the money.
The inspector insists Pragya opens it.
The briefcase is shockingly empty.

Tanu tells the inspector to arrest Pragya for framing her for nothing.

Pragya and Grandmother are confused.

Alia asks Pragya if she won’t say anything.
She tells the inspector to arrest Pragya who conned Abhi into signing over his property.
She says they don’t feel safe with Pragya in the house and feel like she’s going to kill them all.

Alia insists Pragya must be arrested.
Pragya wonders what happened because she wanted to trap Tanu and Alia but they’ve now trapped her.
She accuses Alia of planning it all.
Alia says Pragya can’t turn the blame on her.
The inspector tells Pragya that filing a false report is a crime.
Pragya says she didn’t file a false report.

Alia says Pragya is nothing but a fraud because there was no money in the briefcase.
Ronnie says he has proof.
Alia tells him to just go away.
Ronnie says he installed a camera and the footage will reveal the thief.

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He and Pragya go to the room to get the camera.

Purab enters the house and asks what the police are doing there.
Alia tells him it was his dear Pragya who called them.
She tells him what happened.
Purab asks how Pragya can accuse a family member of theft.
Mitali says she didn’t accuse a family member, she accused Tanu.

Pragya and Ronnie come down with the camera and a laptop.
Ronnie connects the camera.

Alia and Tanu’s panic.

The video shows Tanu taking the briefcase.

Raj says the video doesn’t prove that Tanu took the money so they should play the video from the start to show who took the money.
Pragya instructs Ronnie to play the video from the beginning.
Abhi is seen taking the money from the briefcase and putting it into another briefcase

Everyone is shocked.
Pragya is almost in tears.
Alia pretends to be sad as she asks if the police will arrest Abhi.
The inspector says a crime has been committed and the culprit needs to pay.
Aunt Indu says it’s Abhi’s money so he didn’t steal it.
Tanu says Pragya is the thief.

The inspector sends his men to go out and look for Abhi and arrest him.

Raj is with Alia and Tanu in a room.
He asks if they’ve lost their mind to have made such a mistake.
Alia says it may work to their advantage because Abhi will get upset with Pragya for getting him arrested but if Pragya tries to keep him from jail, it will show she is just putting on an act and they can use it against her.

Aunty Indu goes to meet Grandmother in her room.
Grandmother is wondering why Abhi took the money.
Aunt Indu says Pragya la!d a trap for Abhi and he fell.
Grandmother doesn’t know what to say.
Aunt Indu says she will handle it and won’t allow Pragya get away with what she’s done

Pragya is pacing about the room, almost in tears.
Ronnie comes in and she asks why he looks worried.
He says he is stressed because she is.
She says she’s not stressed.
He says he doesn’t have a sister and he wishes he had one like her, he doesn’t know what’s going on in the family but he knows she loves Abhi very much and it hurts him to see her stressed.
He takes a pledge that he would never let her get into trouble.
Pragya says she knows he won’t let anything happen to her.
She tells him to keep watching the family members while she figures out how to help Abhi avoid jail.

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Abhi is driving around town.
He asks himself how long he would have to keep driving around just because he doesn’t want to go home and see Pragya’s face.
He stops by the tea vendor to have some tea.

The police see him and tell him he’s under arrest for committing a crime.
Abhi says he didn’t do anything.
The police say they saw a video footage.
Abhi is shocked that there are cameras in his room.
He says the money is for him.
The inspector says he has to come with them.

Purab finally sees Bulbul in town and tells her what Pragya did.
He says she could have at least thought about Abhi’s reputation.
Bulbul is disappointed in Pragya.

Abhi and the police arrive at the station.
He is shocked to see Pragya waiting outside.
He asks why she came alone and didn’t come with the media since she wants to ruin his reputation.

Pragya asks the inspector if she can see him privately.
He follows her aside.

Abhi tells himself that Pragya must be telling the inspector to increase his charges.

Pragya tells the inspector she’s withdrawing the case because it was all a mix-up; Abhi received payment for a concert he had done and she was also expecting some money so she thought he took her money.

The inspector goes to Abhi and tells him he’s free to go.
Abhi says he’s not leaving because he has seen movies where the guy turns around and he gets shot in the back.
The inspector tells him that he can go because Pragya withdrew the case.
Abhi is surprised.

The policemen go into the station.

Pragya gets into the car and tells Abhi to come along.

Abhi tells Pragya he won’t thank her.
He tries to stop a taxi but he realises he doesn’t have any money on him.
He reluctantly gets into the backseat of the car.


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