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Twist Of Fate – Season 1 Episode 176 – Stories


Zee World Movies: Twist Of Fate - Season 1 - Episode 176
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The family is still gathered in the living room, waiting for Pragya and Abhi.
Grandmother is pacing about the living room, worried.
Alia tells herself that if Pragya lets Abhi go to jail, the family will not let her get away with it and if she prevents him from going to jail, then her act will be over.

Aunty Indu says they won’t spare Pragya if she allows Abhi go to jail.
Alia and Tanu agree.
Grandmother tells them to focus on getting Abhi out of jail first.

Pragya returns home.
Everyone holds their breath, thinking Abhi is in jail.

Abhi walks in.
Alia tells herself that it means Pragya is still in love with him.

Grandmother hugs him and Aunt Indu asks what happened.
He tells them that someone saved him, Pragya.

Tanu asks why Pragya did it because Pragya had earlier accused her of the theft.
She says Pragya closed the case for Abhi’s sake but was prepared to send her, a pregnant woman, to jail.
Alia says she wonders why Pragya dropped the case for Abhi.
Pragya doesn’t know what to say.
Abhi says he knows she had no option because he’s the one who makes the money for her and if he goes to jail he won’t be able to sing or make any money and his reputation will be tarnished.
He tells Pragya that he has finally figured out her weakness and that is him, the rock star brand.
He says she can torture his family but she can’t touch the brand and he will use it to make her dance to his tune and he will torture her instead.
Alia and Tanu smile.
Pragya walks away from them and goes upstairs.

Grandmother is in her room, upset guys their plan failed.


Pragya goes to see her late at night.
Grandmother is not happy that she saved Abhi from the police and ruined their plans.
She asks why Pragya did it without informing her.
Pragya apologises.
Grandmother says she has made matters worse by making Alia and Tanu have the upper hand because they now know she still loves Abhi and won’t let him get into trouble.
She says she was thinking Abhi and Pragya would be reunited but it seems they will now drift apart.

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Pragya says she understands but what was the point in fighting if Abhi is in jail?
She says she couldn’t watch the love of her life go to jail.
Grandmother says she should have spoken to her because she herself wouldn’t have allowed him to go to jail.
Pragya says she felt if she hadn’t saved him, she would have lost him forever.
Grandmother says Alia and Tanu are probably scheming now on how to get back at Pragya.
She shocks Pragya by saying if she loses the battle, she would never forgive her.
Pragya says they won’t lose and she is sure her love for Abhi would make her win.

Someone enters the room clapping.
They both look in shock and it’s Bulbul.
Bulbul says she is in awe of Pragya’s love for Abhi.
She hugs her.
Grandmother berates Pragya for not shutting the door.

Raj and Tanu are in Alia’s room.
Alia is rejoicing.
Raj tells her to explain to Tanu because she’s clueless.
Alia tells Tanu that what Pragya did proves she still loves Abhi so they can use it to their advantage.
Raj asks how they can make Abhi do what they want.
Alia tells him not to worry as she would handle it.

Pragya reminds Grandmother that Abhi had told everyone she helped him because of money.
Grandmother says the people are not stupid.
Pragya says she can come up with a plan to make them believe it.
Bulbul agrees.
Grandmother asks why she is supporting her sister.
Bulbul says she knows why Abhi took the money, a family had booked the marriage hall but pulled out at the last minute and wanted a refund but they didn’t have the money and the family was threatening them, so she called Abhi and he gave them the money.

Grandmother says she knows Abhi wouldn’t have taken the money for the wrong reason.
She tells Bulbul that she wants to give her the task of helping Pragya toughen up more.
Pragya asks if it means she needs more classes.
Grandmother nods.

There is a flashback of Pragya practising how to change her behaviour after the accident.
Bulbul is with her and complains she’s not sounding tough enough.
Pragya is getting frustrated.
Bulbul tells her to stop crying and watch her.
She goes to the pillow and puts a jacket and sunglasses on it.
She starts talking harshly to it to show Pragya an example.
Pragya goes to her and asks why she is talking to her husband like that because she would not accept it.
Grandmother enters the room and claps for Pragya.
Bulbul tells her she’s ready.
This means Bulbul was also in on the plan all along.

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In the present, Grandmother tells Bulbul to train Pragya again.
Bulbul agrees to do it but says she has to go now before her mother starts looking for her.

Abhi wakes up on the couch in the morning.
Pragya is still asleep on the bed.
He drops his exercise weights heavily on the floor.
Pragya wakes with a start.
Abhi turns on loud music and says he wants to exercise so he can be in the right frame of mind to write a song later.

Pragya leaves the room to go and change into sportswear.
She returns to the room and tells him she also likes exercising.
She starts moving her body.
Abhi laughs at her and says she’s doing exercise meant for kids.
He lifts his dumbbells.
She goes to get heavier ones and struggles to lift them.
Abhi is shocked when she starts lifting them easily.
He asks how.
She says she was weak before but she’s now powerful with the power of money and can do anything she wants.
She continues to lift them effortlessly.
She tells him time is money so he needs to finish and get ready on time.
She tells him to compose the song so they can meet with a producer.

When she leaves the room, he lifts the dumbbells and realises it’s a dummy and very light.
He vows to get back at her.

Bulbul is pacing up and down a restaurant.

Pragya and Grandmother are seated at a table.
Pragya says they need to come up with another plan so they can find out who is helping Alia.
Bulbul sits and tells Pragya to let her think.
She sees a man giving her funny looks so she switches seats with Pragya.

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The man waves at her even as she changed her seat.
Bulbul warns him to back off.

She asks Pragya what her daily routine is
Pragya tells her about the exercising and the plan Abhi has to record a song.

Bulbul says she has an idea now.

Purab follows Abhi into his recording studio.
Abhi says he needs to record a song and he wants Purab to listen.
He says he needs Purab to help find a singer to sing songs he would compose for himself while he records another one for Pragya.
He says his plan is to open his own music company but Purab will run it and when they make enough money, he wouldn’t need Pragya again.
Purab says it’s a good idea.
Abhi tells him not to let his grandmother know.

Bulbul, Pragya and Grandmother are back in the apartment where they meet.
Bulbul tells Pragya to make a call to Alia and disguise her voice.
Pragya is hesitant.
Bulbul gives her the phone and tells her to do it.

Alia gathers up her jewelry boxes and Tanu asks what she’s up to.
Alia says she wants to sell them so she can hire a lawyer to help them get rid of Pragya.

Tanu tells her not to do it since Abhi got the for her.
Alia says she can always replace them.

She gets a call from an unknown number.
A female voice tells her that her boss wants to launder some money and her boss told her Alia is in the music business.
Alia says she’s not interested.
The caller who is actually Pragya disguising her voice, says she wants Alia to send her one of Abhi’s song compositions and her boss will pay her 100 million for it.
Alia is shocked.
Pragya says they can give her 200 000 first and when she delivers, they will give her the balance.
Alia is now interested.
Pragya says she will call her back.

Bulbul commends Pragya on a job well-done.
Pragya says she’s not so sure because she tried setting Tanu up and it backfired.
Bulbul assures her that Alia will fall into the trap.


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