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Twist Of Fate – Season 1 Episode 177 – Stories


Zee World Movies: Twist Of Fate - Season 1 - Episode 177
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Tanu is with Alia, anxiously waiting for the call from the lady who wants to give them money in exchange for Abhi’s music composition.
Alia tells her to just relax and wait for the call.
Tanu suggests they tell Raj about the deal.
Alia warns her not to dare.

Grandmother tells Pragya to call Alia back.

Pragya calls and disguises her voice again.
She asks what Alia has decided.
Alia says she has agreed to it but on the condition that her name is not exposed.
Pragya agrees.
Alia asks for the advance instalment.
Pragya says her assistant will bring the money to her.

Pragya tells Grandmother that half the job has been done.

Alia tells Tanu that she will get the music composition from Abhi’s room then Tanu will go and collect the money.
Tanu says she would rather go for the music and Alia will get the money.
Alia agrees.
Tanu remembers the slap Pragya gave her the last time and changes her mind.
She tells Alia to get the music composition instead.

Abhi enters his room with a CD of the music composition he just made.
Alia comes to ask him when he will drop it at the studio and offers to help him do it.
He gives it to her.
As she leaves the room, Pragya meets her at the door and takes it from her saying she has to approve of it.

Alia and Abhi watch helplessly as Pragya slots the CD in the music player and listens.
She gives it to Alia and tells her to take it to the office but take special care of it.

Abhi asks Pragya if she knows anything about music.
She says she knows what will be profitable.
Abhi leaves the room, upset.
Pragya tells herself that she never wants to hurt him and only wanted to listen to his music.

Tanu returns with the money and tells Alia to send the CD off.
Alia says Pragya already knows she has the CD so she doesn’t know how to send it off without Pragya suspecting her.
Tanu gives her the money and tells her to give to a lawyer that will help them get rid of Pragya.
Alia says they can’t spend the money till they complete the deal with the woman because if they are unable to deliver, they will have to pay the woman her money back.

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Next day, Alia comes to the office with the CD and plans to make sure everyone sees her put it in her office then she will come back later to steal it.
She gives it to one of the staff to keep it in her office.

Pragya is at home, on the phone with Bulbul.
She tells her that the plan is working.
Bulbul says she needs to make sure the plan works.

Abhi is walking past and stops to listen to her.
Pragya tells Bulbul that they need to expose the person for fraud.

Abhi thinks she’s talking about him.
He snatches the phone from her and tells Bulbul that the woman she’s talking to is the biggest fraud of all and he will make sure he exposes her.
Bulbul doesn’t talk so he has no idea she’s the one at the other end.

He gives the phone back to Pragya and walks away.

Bulbul asks Pragya why she allowed Abhi hear them.

Purab walks into Bulbul’s room and regards her with suspicion.

Pragya gets to the office and calls Alia to ask if she has the music composition.
Alia says she has it.

Alia gets up and Pragya walks into her office.
She sees the CD on the table and reminds Alia that she’s supposed to keep it safe.

Bulbul asks Purab where he has been all the while.
Purab begs her to listen to him.
He says he couldn’t get through to her.
He asks if she was talking to a man on the phone.
She asks if he’s suspecting her.
He says he was only joking and he tried to call her but he had a flat tyre and couldn’t reach her on the phone.
She asks if he doesn’t trust her
He says he has complete trust in her,
He gives her a hug.

At night, when everyone has left the office, Alia goes in to steal the CD.
She accidentally breaks a glass on the table.
She sees the security guard and panics but he just gets water and leaves without seeing her.

In the morning, Abhi is not happy that he has to eat bread and butter.
Pragya brings a feast for herself.
Abhi asks if she’s not ashamed she is making them eat poorly while she eats well.
Pragya says there is food in the kitchen but nobody wants to cook.
Abhi tells her that Ronnie was around and wants to talk to her.
Pragya warns him not to touch her food.
She leaves and Abhi starts eating the food.

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Pragya watches him from the doorway, happy that he is eating her food after such a long time.

Abhi is at a temple, complaining that Pragya has made him come to a boring event.
He turns around and accidentally bumps into someone.
He helps the lady up and apologises.
He’s shocked to see it’s Pragya.

There is a flashback of some men coming to the house to invite Pragya to a festival at their temple.
They beg her to bring Abhi so it can help promote the event.
Grandmother says Abhi doesn’t follow any religion.
Pragya tells her he’s no longer an atheist.

Grandmother takes her aside and says Abhi went to the temple for Pragya’s sake but he has returned to his old ways
Pragya tells her not to worry as she will convince Abhi to attend the event.

Abhi is in his room listening to music.
His PA comes to ask him to sign his autograph on some documents.
Pragya enters the room and tells the PA to move from Abhi’s side so she can sit next to him on the bed.
Abhi tells his PA to sit beside him.
Pragya sits on the chair.

Ronnie enters the room and gives Pragya a document.
Pragya tells him to read it out.
Ronnie reads the document saying Abhi is inviting his fans to attend the festival at the temple with him.
Abhi asks whose idea it was.
Pragya says it was hers.
He says he’s not going.
Pragya says she’s telling him and not asking him and he has to do as she says.
He asks what a rock star would be doing there.
She tells him that his presence will bring in more donations.
They start going back in an argument.
They soon start fighting, and Abhi says he’s going to the event.
Pragya asks his PA if she heard what he said.
Abhi realises he fell for Pragya’s trick.

In the present, he says he should have pushed her so she flies out of the temple.
He says he is not used to having to greet people.
She tells him to go and sit in the VVIP lounge.
He asks why she’s taking money in God’s name.
She says he knows she likes money and they don’t even have to pay tax on the money from the donations.
She tells him to just focus on his songs.
He says he will give a poor performance.
She tells him it will affect his reputation.

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Raj, Tanu and Alia arrive at the temple.

There is a flashback of Tanu going to inform Alia and Raj about the festival at the temple that Pragya has arranged.
Alia says they will change the plans after all the money is gathered from the event, they will steal the money.
Raj tells them to leave the plan to him because they need to be careful.

In the present, Tanu says they need to find out where the money is kept.
Alia asks Raj if he checked security.
He says he spoke with some powerful people that will take care of security.

He leaves to go and find them.

Tanu and Alia go to look for Pragya.

Pragya is praying.

They watch her and talk about her and how the show will be the biggest flop.

They see the box where the donations are being kept.

Purab is driving Bulbul, Sarla and Janke to the event.
Sarla says she doesn’t want to attend the event because she doesn’t want to see Pragya.
Bulbul says they are going for Abhi.

Tanu and Alia meet up with Raj and tell him about the donation box.
He tells them that the money is not exactly in the box but goes underground into a waiting truck.
Alia says the security is tough.
Raj says he has spoken to a man that would be able to breach security.
Alia says Pragya will be arrested for fraud and locked up in jail.

Pragya tells herself that when Abhi finds out the money they raise is being used to renovate the temple, he may have a different opinion of her.

She sees her family arrive and they go to greet Abhi’s grandmother.

Pragya watches them sadly as they all chat away without her


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