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Twist Of Fate – Season 1 Episode 218 – Stories


'Twist of Fate' Season 1 Episode 218 Recap - Aired: Wednesday 5 July 2017
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Pragya says Raj has been the one all along.
Mitali says it can’t be Raj as he’s not that sort of person.
She says Raj can’t be the one who tried to give Tanu the money.
Pragya asks what he’s doing there then.
Mitali says she told him she was coming to catch Tanu who was coming to collect 1 million from someone and he even told her not to get involved.
Pragya asks Raj how he could assist Alia in her crimes or even try to kill her.
Raj doesn’t respond.

Abhi drags Raj out of the warehouse.

Grandmother is at home, worried about Pragya.
Abhi drags Raj into the room and the others follow.
Abhi says he doesn’t trust anyone in the family.
Grandmother asks what Raj did.
Abhi tells Grandmother to ask Raj.
Mitali says Raj is an upright person and could never have helped Alia.
Grandmother asks Raj why.
Mitali keeps defending her husband.
Purab says Raj did the same thing in the office with fake signatures that Raj had signed to get Abhi’s money.
He says he even checked his laptop and saw all the evidence that Raj has been committing fraud but when Pragya got the documents transferred in her name, he could no longer embezzle money so he devised this new means.

Raj admits it was him.
Grandmother slaps him and accuses him of trying to destroy Abhi.
Raj says he wants to destroy Abhi and he doesn’t care what they think of him.
Grandmother asks what Abhi did to him.
Raj says Abhi started it all and never treated him as a brother.
He says he never used to ask Abhi for anything but when he went to jail, he told Abhi that he didn’t do anything but Abhi didn’t believe him and no one even tried to visit him in jail, only Mitali.

He says they are the ones who turned him into what he is now; if he only had money like Abhi, people would care so he wanted to now become rich then ruin Abhi and make them all go through pain.
He says he’s sad that he can’t ruin Abhi completely and it’s because of Pragya.

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The rest of the family members are downstairs, wondering what is going on.
Ajay asks Pami what’s wrong.
Pami says Abhi went upstairs with Raj and he seemed furious.

Tanu overhears them and panics.
She decides to go upstairs but Rachna stops her from going up.
Tanu asks who she is to stop her.
Akash says Rachna is his wife and a daughter-in-law of the family.
Tanu says she’s Abhi’s wife.
Rachna says Abhi hasn’t married her, besides she’s only following Abhi’s orders so Tanu can go if she likes and face Abhi’s wrath.

Raj tells Abhi that he hates him the most in the world and Abhi is the one who destroyed the family.
Pragya says Abhi didn’t destroy the family because all the evidence was against Raj when he was sent to jail.
Raj says Abhi should have tried to find out the truth.
Pragya says Raj is equally guilty because he also doesn’t know anything because he is blaming Abhi but he trusts his wife.
Raj asks what Mitali did.
Pragya says Mitali was the one who forged the signature that sent him to jail.
Mitali is crying.
Pragya accuses Raj of also not seeing the truth that was right in front of him.
Raj asks Mitali if she deceived him.
Mitali begs him to forgive her as she has changed and is no longer greedy for money.
She says all she wants now is him.
She begs Pragya and Grandmother to help her talk to him.

Grandmother sits down out of despair.
Raj begs Abhi to call the police and report him so he can go to jail because he wants to die.
Abhi calls him brother.
Raj says he’s not a brother or husband or father, he just wants to die.
He walks out of the room looking dazed and Mitali runs after him.

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Pragya feels remorse and says she shouldn’t have told Raj what she did.
Purab assures her that she did the right thing because Bulbul died because of Raj.
Pragya says Raj and Mitali have 2 children and she doesn’t want them to suffer.

Grandmother says it’s now time to expose Tanu.
Pragya asks why Tanu didn’t come to the warehouse.
Purab says maybe she didn’t take her seriously so she needs to threaten her some more.
Pragya asks how.
Purab says they need to send her evidence.
He says he found something in her car one day that he’s sure, belongs to the man so he will send it to her to scare her.

Raj and Mitali go to their room.
Mitali begs him to talk to her.
She admits her mistake and begs for forgiveness.
Raj is in still numb.
Mitali offers him water but he remains unmoving.
She begs him to say something.
He says he is a murderer.
She tells him he’s not a murderer.

Pami and Ajay knock on the door.
Mitali panics and tells Raj that she will handle it.

She goes out to meet them and they ask what’s going on.
She says there is nothing and Raj is just tired.
Aunt Indu says they are worried because of the way Abhi dragged him earlier.
Pami says she wants to go in.
Mitali tells them to leave and not make matters worse.
Ajay says she’s the one making things worse.
Pragya sees them and says Abhi and Raj had a work-related argument but it’s over now.
They all leave.

Tanu watches from behind a pillar and wonders why Pragya is lying.

Abhi comes to Grandmother’s room.
He tells her that he can’t sleep.
She tells him to come for a head massage.
He puts her head in her lap and asks if it’s his lot in life for people to deceive him.
Grandmother says he hasn’t made any mistake.
He says his family is falling apart because of him, first Alia, then Raj.
Grandmother assures him that it’s not his fault.
She tells him to continue to follow the path of truth and not care what people do.
Abhi says he wants to go ahead and marry Tanu and he has a feeling that when his child is born, everyone will be happy again.
He says he will like it to be in a couple of days.
Grandmother has tears in her eyes.

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Pragya tells Mitali that she understands her pain.
Mitali tells her to save her sympathy after the way she spoke to Raj.
Pragya says she had to say the truth.
Mitali asks why she said it was Raj helping Alia.

Tanu is shocked.

Mitali says she already paid for her mistake while Raj was in prison.
She says she hates Pragya so much because she loves Raj so much and if she loses him, then she will not let Pragya live in peace.

Tanu is happy.
She tells herself that she can manipulate Mitali against Pragya.

Purab comes to see Sarla.
He tells her everything.
Sarla says Abhi’s close ones always betray him,, first Pragya, then Alia, now Raj.
She tells Purab to get Abhi married to Tanu.
Purab asks if she won’t feel unhappy.
She says she saw Abhi and Tanu and he asked for her blessings.
He asks about Pragya.
She says Pragya betrayed him so he deserves someone else.

Pragya gives Ronnie a parcel to give to Tanu but not to tell her who sent it.

He sees Tanu and tells her that everyone knows her secret.
She asks what he means.
He asks who she was talking to the day before because he followed her and didn’t quite see the guy she was talking to.
She tells him to stop following her
He gives her the parcel and says someone sent it.

She takes it and walks away.

Pragya tells herself that when Tanu opens it, she will get the shock of her life.



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