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Twist Of Fate – Season 1 Episode 219 – Stories


Zee World Movies: Twist Of Fate - Season 1 - Episode 219
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Tanu opens the parcel.
She sees a watch and wonders if Nikhil sent it.
Pragya calls her and pretends to be the security guard again.
Tanu tells her to stop calling.
Pragya asks if she got the parcel as the watch in it belongs to the man whose baby she’s carrying.
Tanu panics.
Pragya says she will give her one more chance or she goes to Abhi.
Tanu says she was unable to come up with the money.
Pragya says she will go to Abhi or Pragya with the evidence if Tanu doesn’t come up with the money.
Tanu goes to Ronnie to ask who gave him the parcel.
He asks if he works for her.
Pragya asks them what’s going on.
Ronnie says a parcel was delivered for Tanu and she is expecting him to have a record of the person who delivered it.
Pragya tells Tanu that as a super model she must have a lot of fans who send her parcels.
She asks what the parcel contains to make her so angry.
Tanu walks away.
Pragya is happy that Tanu reacted the way she expected.
Pragya is with Purab who is driving them to the BMC office.
He says there is a problem with the marriage hall so he wants them to go and fix it.
She says it’s a good idea.
He asks about her plan to catch Tanu.
She says she is trying to plan very carefully so that there are no mishaps.
Pami and family knock on Raj’s door, begging him to come out.
Mitali comes out.
Akash goes into the room.
Rachna begs Mitali not to cry.
Ajayi is shocked that Mitali is crying as she never cries.
Akash comes out and says Raj is not in his room.
Abhi walks up to them and asks Mitali where Raj is.
Mitali says he locked himself up in the bathroom.
Abhi goes to knock on the bathroom door and begs Raj to come out.
He says he knows how it feels to be betrayed by someone he trusts too.
No response from Raj.
Abhi says he has so much faith in him and Raj taught him how to achieve his dreams by following the right path.
He begs him to consider his parents and come out.
Still, silence from Raj.
Abhi says he can’t handle the family all by himself and he needs someone like Raj to keep it together.
He gets tired and says he will go far away if that’s what Raj wants.

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Raj comes out and begs Abhi not to make him cry.
He says he didn’t realise what going bad would do to him.
They hug one another and wipe their tears.
Abhi says the family is waiting for them.
Tanu is with Nikhil in a house he describes as a friend’s house.
She tells him to do something to the security guard who has been calling her.
He wonders who it will be.
He asks if she had a fight with a security guard.
Tanu says Pragya is the only enemy she has and the person calling her might also be Nikhil’s enemy.
He says it’s possible.
She tells him to do something.
He tells her not to agree to go to the place the security guard decides but she should be the one to choose a place.
She asks where that will be.
He says he will tell her by evening.
At the BMC office, the officer tells Pragya that it was just a misunderstanding.
He asks to see the owner of the property so they can rectify the address in their file.
Pragya says she’s the owner.
Purab leaves to take a phone call.
Pragya walks to another corner of the room to wait for Purab.
Sarla comes in and goes to the same officer.
He tells her that the owner of the property has already signed.
He shows her Pragya.
Sarla goes to Pragya to ask if she wants to take over the marriage hall too.
Pragya says it’s not like that.
Purab returns and Sarla reports Pragya to him.
Pragya is crying.
Sarla says she already severed ties with Pragya so what’s left to do is to call the police and report her.
She takes out her phone and dials.
Purab tells Sarla not to call.
Sarla says she will call the police.
Purab tells her to stop.
Pragya tells Purab not to say anything.
Purab says he can’t take it anymore.
He tells Sarla that Pragya hasn’t changed at all and is the same person.
Sarla says she can’t be.
Purab says it was all a lie and it was Bulbul and Abhi’s grandmother that forced her to do it.
He tells her everything right from after Pragya’s accident.
Sarla asks why Purab didn’t tell her about it before.
Purab says he also didn’t know till he overheard Bulbul talking to Pragya and he forced Bulbul to tell him.
Pragya is crying.
She tells Sarla that she only did what she wanted her to do.
Sarla blames herself for not seeing through Pragya.
She says she should have known as her mother that she wasn’t being herself.
She hugs her and assures her that she will take care of everything.
She says Pragya’s love for Abhi will save him from his enemies.
She hugs her again and says she’s very proud of her.

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Mitali comes to Tanu’s room.
Tanu asks what she wants.
Mitali says she needs Tanu’s help as she can no longer stand seeing Pragya.
Tanu says she can’t do anything till she gets married to Abhi.
Mitali says she will try to get her married to Abhi so that Pragya will leave the house.
Raj and his family are having dinner.
Ajah says Abhi is really taking care of the family.
Raj asks Akash what projects he’s working on.
Akash says he has two and he can handle one while Raj handles the other
Raj picks the one he wants.
Mitali serves Raj some food but he ignores her.
Abhi is alone in his room.
Tanu comes in to tell him that she has a checkup so she can’t go on the dinner date but they can go for a walk.
He says he doesn’t feel like going for a walk but they can stay in the room.
She hugs him and says she will be a good wife.
Pragya enters the room.
Tanu asks her to leave so she can spend time with her soon-to-be-husband.
Pragya tells her to close the door when she leaves so that someone else doesn’t enter.
Pragya leaves the room, furious.
Rachna sees her and tells her to help out as Raj is not talking to Mitali.
Pragya says Tanu is in her room with Abhi and she wants her to help get Tanu out of the room.
Rachna says she will rather handle Mitali while Pragya handles Tanu.
Abhi is moody.
Tanu tells him to stop thinking about Pragya.
She asks how she looks.
He says she looks like she always does.
She says he has become boring.
He says he has a headache.
She starts massaging his head.
Pragya goes into another room and calls Tanu.
Tanu ignores the call.
Abhi picks the phone and says Tanu is busy.
Pragya disguises her voice and tells him she’s a big fan.
She says there is a secret; somebody close to him is trying to fool him.
Abhi asks what nonsense that means.
Tanu grabs the phone and says she will handle it.
She goes out and tells the caller that she is still trying to raise the money.
She returns to the room and Abhi complains that she seems too busy for him.
He sends her out of the room and shuts the door.
Pragya decides to go and cheer Abhi up.
She knocks on the door and he thinks it’s Tanu.
He opens the door, talking angrily.
Pragya says he and Tanu keep fighting yet he wants to marry her.
He tells her not to interfere in their business.
She says when he whets married to Tanu, her income will increase as Tanu will also be doing her shows.
He asks if she will make his wife work.
She says yes.
He says she will always harass him.
She agrees.
Somehow he trips and they both fall on the bed.
They stare at one another for a long time.
Pragya says he should know she will never let him go.
He is shocked.
She gets back into character and says she will take all his money.
He says he will leave her in the house and go away.
He walks out.
Pragya tells herself that she will never let that happen because when he finds out about Tanu, Tanu will be the one to leave.

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