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Zee World Movies: Twist Of Fate - Season 1 - Episode 220
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Grandmother comes to see Sarla at home.
She apologises to her for what she made Pragya do.
Sarla says she understands that she did it for her grandson and understands that Pragya did it all for Abhi and she is upset with herself for not seeing through her.
Janke enters the room and asks what Sarla is saying.
Sarla says it’s nothing.
Janke says she overheard everything and she’s upset that Sarla didn’t tell her.
She threatens to leave the house and heads for the door.
Sarla knows she’s not being serious so she points out that she’s leaving empty handed and if she really wants to go, then she should take her belongings.
Grandmother finds it all amusing.
Purab and Pragya come to Sarla’s house to plan how to get Tanu.
Purab says he won’t allow Pragya go alone to see Tanu so he would pose as the blackmailer.
Pragya says Tanu might get suspicious as their voices are different.
Purab says he can’t take any chances.
Pragya tells Grandmother to say something.
Grandmother says Purab will go with her but stay away from sight so that if there is any danger, he can help her.
Purab says he needs someone else to help him.
Pragya suggests Ronnie.
Mitali sees Abhi all by himself in the house.
She goes to him to ask if he’s still angry with Raj.
He says he already forgave Raj and he’s worried about something else.
She tells him to share it with her.
He says he just feels restless.
She tells him that he just needs a life partner.
Abhi says that’s not it.
Mitali says when Raj returned from prison, it was her love and care that made him start relating with the family again.


She suggests he gets married to Tanu as she is a wonderful human being and she loves him a lot.
Rachna is listening.
Abhi says he will marry Tanu.
Mitali says he’s being unfair to Tanu because he hasn’t married her yet.
She tells him not to wait around thinking that Pragya would change because it won’t happen.
Abhi says he doesn’t have the money to get married.
She tells him that she has a friend who is a lawyer and wouldn’t charge him anything to get married in court.
He tells her to talk to him and see if he can get them married today.
Purab, Pragya and Ronnie arrive at the place they are supposed to meet Tanu.
Purab describes the place as an old, abandoned movie set.
He shows them around and tells Pragya where to stay and where he and Ronnie would be hiding.
He brings out a camera and says they will set up cameras around so as to get evidence.
As Purab starts setting things up, Ronnie tells Pragya not to worry.
Rachna calls Pragya to tell her what Mitali and Abhi were discussing.
Purab asks Pragya what’s wrong.
Pragya tells him that Abhi is on his way to court to marry Tanu.
Abhi and Mitali are in court.
The lawyer tells Abhi that he will be done with the paperwork in an hour.
Mitali tells Abhi to call Tanu to come over so they can get married.
Abhi calls Tanu and tells her to come and meet him at a cafe in an hour as he has a surprise for her.
Ronnie asks Pragya if they should cancel the plan.
Pragya says no.
He says what if Abhi gets married?
Pragya says it will only happen if Tanu gets there on time.
She calls Tanu and tells her to come over in 2 hours otherwise she would go to Abhi with the evidence.
Tanu is in a fix.
She wonders what she would do.
Pragya tells Purab to install the cameras quickly.
Nikhil gets a call from Tanu.
He begs her to say something nice as he’s been thinking about her all day.
She says the blackmailer called her and told her to meet him at a particular place.
Nikhil asks why she agreed to meet him there.
She says she was scared not to offend him.
He says they need to choose the place.
Tanu says she has to go and meet Abhi as he wants to see her.
He says if she goes to Abhi then he would go home to sleep.
She agrees to meet him before going to see Abhi.
She tells him to get the money ready.
Nikhil tells himself that he arranged a million rupees with difficulty and can’t just hand it over.
Mitali tells Abhi to call Tanu again.
He calls and she says she’s on her way.
He tells not to be more than 10 minutes late as he is going to give her the biggest surprise of her life.
Pragya rushes home.
She asks Robin for Abhi and Tanu.
He says Abhi left a few hours ago and Tanu just left.
Grandmother sees her and asks why she’s not at the meeting venue.
Pragya says Mitali phoned her to say Abhi said he was going to marry Tanu.
Grandmother calls Abhi.
Pragya begs her to put the call on speaker.
Abhi answers and she asks where he is.
He says he is at the court and wants to marry Tanu.
Pragya suddenly feels weak.
Grandmother tells him to call her when Tanu arrives so she can also come to witness.
Tanu meets Nikhil up in town.
She asks if he has arranged the money.
He says he has it but he can’t move about with it.
He tells her to follow his to where he has kept it.
Sarla sees Tanu and wonders why she is not at the place to meet Pragya.
She decides to follow her..
Grandmother consoles Pragya.
Pragya is crying.
Grandmother says she has a strong feeling that the wedding will not take place and the Lord is only testing her.
Tanu tells Nikhil that she will just see Abhi quickly and come back.
Nikhil says he can’t take the money to the blackmailer because it could be a trap.
Grandmother tells Pragya to call Tanu and see if she has gone to the place.
Nikhil threatens to expose everything if he gets into trouble.
Pragya calls and Nikhil tells Tanu to place the call on speaker.
Pragya asks Tanu where she is.
Tanu says she’s on her way.
Pragya says she knows she left her house and she’s not on her way; she knows Tanu is going to see Abhi but if she doesn’t come then she will send the evidence to Abhi.
Grandmother tells Pragya that she has done well and she should go to Sarla’s place to change into the security uniform.
Tanu asks Nikhil what to do.
Nikhil tells her to go to the venue first with papers in a briefcase then he would come with his goons afterwards to kill the blackmailer.
Sarla hears everything.
Pragya, Grandmother and Purab are at Sarla’s house.
Pragya is dressed in disguise as a security guard.
Sarla returns home and says Pragya can’t go to the venue.
She tells them everything.
Pragya says she can’t pass up on the chance to catch Tanu because Abhi is waiting at the court to marry Tanu.
Sarla says she doesn’t want to lose her.
Pragya says she has all their love and support and God wouldn’t let anything bad happen to her.
Purab says he will be with her and ensure nothing bad happens.
Abhi comes home to look for Tanu.
He asks the family members.
Rachna and Aunt Indu say they saw her leave home.
Abhi says he doesn’t understand why such things keep happening to him.
Grandmother asks what happened.
He says it took a lot for him to agree to want to marry Tanu and she didn’t show up so he doesn’t want to marry her anymore.
Grandmother tells him to calm down.
Abhi says he won’t marry Tanu.
Grandmother says no problem but he should just calm down.
Tanu arrives at the agreed venue with a briefcase.
Purab and Pragya see her.
Pragya calls her on the phone and tells her to come inside.
Tanu says she won’t come inside.
Pragya says she won’t come outside.
She says Tanu can bring anyone she has with her along with her but she has to come inside.
Tanu insists she will wait outside.
Pragya says she will approach someone else then.
Tanu doesn’t know what to do as Nikhil told her not to go inside till he arrives.

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