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Twist Of Fate – Season 1 Episode 221 – Stories


'Twist of Fate' Season 1 Episode 221 Recap - Aired: Monday 10 July 2017
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Purab and Pragya are still waiting inside the old movie studio.
Purab says maybe Tanu’s boyfriend told her not to enter the place till he arrives.
Pragya gets a call from Abhi and she tells Purab that she has to move away to take it so that Tanu doesn’t hear her.

Sarla tells herself that she has to go and save Pragya.

Nikhil arrives with some men.
Tanu gets a fright when she sees Nikhil because he’s wearing a burka.

Purab sees them and decides to go and warn Pragya but Nikhil and his men see Pragya too and move towards her.
Purab hides.

Nikhil follows Pragya who is trying to return Abhi’s call.
He raises a knife to stab her but she is totally oblivious as she has her back turned to him.

Ronnie arrives in a police uniform and asks Nikhil and his men what they are up to.
They lie that they are not doing anything.
He tells them that he knows it’s a lie.
They say they are looking for the husband of the lady in a burka.
Ronnie tells them to leave.

After they leave, Purab joins Pragya and Ronnie.
He tells them that it was a man in the burka.
Pragya asks why he let them escape.
Purab says he knows they will come back when they think Ronnie has left.

Sarla is waiting to take a taxi.
A guy and a girl approach her and tell her they were Pragya’s students.
She says she’s waiting for a taxi.
They offer to give her a ride.

Nikhil and his men meet Tanu outside the studio.
The thugs say they want to leave as there is a policeman inside.
Nikhil offers to pay them double to wait till after the constable leaves.

Tanu panics when she hears there is a police officer around.
Nikhil assures her that nothing will happen till the policeman leaves.

Pragya complains that Ronnie must have scared Tanu off.
Purab tells Ronnie to act like he’s leaving.
Ronnie walks away.

Nikhil and Tanu see him leave.

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Pragya calls Tanu, pretending to be the blackmailer.
She tells her to come inside.
She also says she knows that she came with the father of her child so they should come in together.
Tanu panics.

Abhi is in his room, upset that Tanu is not home and hasn’t even bothered to reach him.

Nikhil tells Tanu that they shouldn’t go inside.
Tanu says she has to go.
She walks inside, ignoring Nikhil who tries to stop her.

Sarla enters the abandoned studio.
She has a scarf covering half of her face.

Tanu sees her from behind and tells her that she has the money.

Pragya watches them and doesn’t know it’s her mother with Tanu.

Nikhil and his goons join Tanu.
Tanu tells them to get Sarla

They cover Sarla’s face with a mask and take her away but Pragya doesn’t see her face.

Pragya tells Purab that she has to see Tanu’s baby father’s face.
Purab tells her that he’s very dangerous and he has goons with him.
Pragya says they have come too far to let the man escape again.
Purab tells her they already have evidence they need to nail Tanu so it’s better they leave before the men return.

Outside the studio, Nikhil and Tanu decide to find out who the blackmailer is.
The goons take the mask off and Tanu is shocked to see Sarla.

Nikhil tells his men to leave Sarla.
He asks Sarla what she’s doing in a dangerous place like that.
His men say they mistook her for the blackmailer.
Nikhil says he will go in to find the real person.

Sarla is worried that they will find Pragya and hurt her so she says she’s the blackmailer.
She asks Tanu if she’s not ashamed of herself to want to pass off Nikhil’s child as her own and she is deceiving Abhi.
Nikhil asks if he doesn’t think Abhi is also to blame for marrying Pragya when he was in love with Tanu.
He says even Sarla is just as bad as they are because she is blackmailing Tanu for money.
He asks if Pragya knows.

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Sarla says Pragya has nothing to do with it as she has severed ties with Pragya and needed money so she came up with the plan.
Tanu accuses her of betraying her own daughter too.
Sarla says until Abhi knows the truth, she would not rest as long as she’s alive.
Nikhil asks if she thinks he would let her live.
Tanu tells him not to let her go because her plan will never work as long as Sarla is alive.
Sarla says she is not afraid to die.
Tanu tells Nikhil to make her death look like an accident.
Nikhil says they will push her off the same cliff as the one Bulbul jumped off so people would think she killed herself because she was missing Bulbul

Sarla resists as they try to push her into the car.
Nikhil hits her with a stick and she passes out.

Tanu is all alone.
She tells herself that Sarla’s death would delay the wedding to Abhi as everyone would be mourning.
She wonders what Abhi needed her for.

She calls Mitali on the phone.
Mitali tells her she will commit suicide when she finds out what she has lost today.
Tanu asks why.
Mitali tells her Abhi called her because she was able to convince Abhi to marry Tanu and they were in court waiting for her.
Tanu is devastated.
She hangs up.

She panics and says she can’t go home now as Abhi might throw her out and Sarla’s death might make things worse.

Janke is home, worried that Sarla hasn’t returned home.
She tries to call her phone but Sarla left it in the house.

Nikhil and his boys take Sarla to a strange looking place.
One of the men asks why they don’t kill her as planned.
Nikhil says he changed his mind for a reason and he wants her to stay alive for a few days.
He suspects that Sarla isn’t the blackmailer.
He tells himself that he will wait and see if Tanu still gets calls from the real blackmailer.

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Tanu gets to her room and tells herself that she will have to come up with an excuse for Abhi.
She gets a shock when she sees Abhi sleeping on the chair.
She tries to run into bed to pretend she had been sleeping but she accidentally hits something on the table.
Abhi wakes up.
Tanu says she is sorry.
Abhi asks what she has to say for making a fool of him and then trying to deceive him by pretending to go to bed.
She says she didn’t want to upset him.
He says it took a lot for him to come to the decision to marry her then she made him look like a fool in front of everyone in court.
He says her punishment is that he won’t marry her now till he decides.
Tanu says she also doesn’t want to marry him but she doesn’t have a choice.
She starts crying and says people would call her a mistress as he never signed the divorce papers so he’s still married to Pragya.
Abhi remembers when Pragya told him that the papers he signed were the property papers and not divorce papers.

Tanu says she can’t marry him till he gets divorced and she keeps tolerating all he does because she loves him and also for the baby.
She says she went to the lawyer that was why she couldn’t meet him in court and the lawyer told her that Abhi and Pragya need to both consent to a divorce otherwise it would take a long time and she knows Pragya won’t consent.
She says she was so distraught at hearing the news that she parked her car on the side of the road to cry.
Abhi looks at her with pity.



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