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Twist Of Fate – Season 1 Episode 222 – Stories


'Twist of Fate' Season 1 Episode 222 Recap - Aired: Tuesday 11 July 2017
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Tanu tells Abhi that the baby is her responsibility and she has to look after it.
She says he can scold her or throw her out and she might live a miserable life but she won’t risk her baby’s life.
Abhi apologises to her and says he will give her what she wants.
She asks why he’s apologising since they will always fight till they get married and they can only get married if he signs the divorce papers with Pragya.
He assures her that he will get Pragya to sign the papers and he will take care of her and the baby.

He goes to the room to talk to Pragya but meets her sleeping.
He decides to wait till tomorrow and talk to her with love because if she gets angry, she wouldn’t sign the papers.

In the morning Pragya wakes up and sees Abhi sleeping on the couch.
She covers him up with a blanket.

Grandmother comes in and takes Pragya out.
They get outside the room and Grandmother asks what happened with the plan.
Pragya says some people came at the last moment and they took somebody else thinking the person was the blackmailer.
Grandmother asks what will now happen as everything is not going as planned.

Janke calls Grandmother and says she’s been trying to talk to Pragya.
Grandmother gives Pragya the phone.
Janke cries to Pragya about Sarla being missing.

Purab, Pragya and Grandmother come to Sarla’s house.
Pragya suggests they all go to the market.

They split themselves up and check different areas of the market.

Pragya calls her uncle to ask if he has seen his sister.
He hasn’t seen her.

The students who gave Sarla a ride approach Pragya.

They tell her they are getting married and want to invite her and her mother to the wedding.
They mention that they even saw Sarla last night.
Pragya asks where they saw her.
They tell her that they dropped her off by a church as she was on her way to a studio.
Pragya thanks them.

Tanu enters the room to see Abhi still sleeping.
She wakes him up and he asks for Pragya.
She says he is supposed to know.
She asks if he spoke to her.
He says she was already asleep when he got to the room.
Tanu gets upset and complains that he never takes her seriously.

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Abhi calls Pragya and tells her to come home.
Pragya says she has important work to do and can’t come home.
He asks where she is so that he can meet her up.

He tells Tanu that he’s going to see Pragya and will get her to sign.

Pragya gets to the hotel and she is stopped outside.
She says she needs to get inside to look for her mother.
She makes a phone call to one of the hotel workers.
He comes out to meet her and she asks if her mother is catering at the wedding taking place in the hotel.
He tells her that her mother is not catering at the hotel.

Abhi meets her at the hotel.
She tells Abhi that her mother has been missing since last night.
He asks why she cares about her mother.
She says they will talk about that later.
He assures her that he will inform the police and they will find her.
They leave the hotel together.

Nikhil and his men wake Sarla up.
She asks where she is.
Nikhil tells her to say the truth so she doesn’t go to hell.
She tells him that the truth is that his game will soon be over.
He asks if Pragya knows about it.
She says Pragya would have exposed him if she knew.
Nikhil threatens her and she says she’s not afraid of death.

Pragya is back at Sarla’s house.
She tells Grandmother and Purab about the people who dropped Sarla off.
Janke says Sarla wasn’t taking care of herself because she was worried about Pragya.
Purab says the students must have dropped Sarla off at the Studio they where they met Tanu up.
Pragya panics and says she hopes they didn’t mistake Sarla for the blackmailer and kidnap her.

Abhi walks in and says if Sarla was kidnapped, they would have called by now.
Pragya says she thought he went home.
He says he went to file a case at the police station.
He says they can all rest as the police are working on the case.

He tells his Grandmother to come home and rest.
Pragya tells them to go as she has to go somewhere first.
Abhi and his grandmother leave.

Purab tells Pragya that Sarla’s life is in danger and he doesn’t think Tanu would have had her kidnapped.
Pragya says they can’t be sure but they will keep a close watch on Tanu for clues.
She says they need to do something to let her know she has made a big mistake.
Purab says they have to be careful.
Pragya says she will call Tanu in the morning.

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Next morning, Purab arrives at Abhi’s house.
Pragya says she doesn’t know if she should call Tanu yet.
Purab says he will go downstairs and make a video so Pragya can see Tanu’s expressions.

He goes downstairs and Pragya calls Tanu, disguising her voice as the blackmailer.
Tanu tells her that they have caught the real blackmailer.
Pragya says she doesn’t work for anyone and she has sent the evidence to Abhi.
Tanu panics.

Purab is recording Tanu’s expressions.

Tanu calls Nikhil to tell him they caught the wrong blackmailer.
Nikhil says he had a hunch.
He tells her to come and see him as he has a surprise for her at 7.

Pragya wonders who Tanu is going to see at 7.

Abhi is in the room worried about whether to tell Pragya about the divorce.
He decides it’s not a good time.

Pragya enters the room and he tells her not to worry as he will speak to the police commissioner and they will find Sarla.
Pragya leaves the room.

Tanu is pacing about the balcony, wondering what to do.

Pragya, Purab and Grandmother watch her from downstairs.
Pragya sends Grandmother a text message telling her to wait and see how Tanu gets the shock of her life.

A delivery man brings a parcel for Abhi.

Tanu rushes downstairs to get it but Mitali beats her to it.
Tanu asks Mitali to give it for her.
Mitali says she will give it to Abhi since Tanu is pregnant and the parcel is heavy.
Tanu says the parcel is not heavy.
As they are arguing, Pragya collects the parcel and says she will give it to Abhi.
Tanu snatches it from Pragya and gives it to Mitali to take to Abhi.

Abhi is in the room on a call with the commissioner.
The commissioner assures him that they are doing all they can do.

Mitali drops the parcel on the bed.

Tanu enters the room and tries to sneak the parcel away.

Purab and Pragya are watching from the doorway.

Abhi sees Tanu and asks her what she’s doing.
She stops.
He takes the parcel and opens it.
It falls and some and photos fall out of it.
Tanu panics and hopes they are not photos or her and Nikhil.

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Abhi asks her what they are.
Pragya enters and picks up the photos.
She says they are supposed to be photos of Abhi and Tanu but Abhi’s images have been cut out of them, leaving only Tanu.

She picks up a note and it’s from a fan telling Abhi that if he marries Tanu, then they will stop listening to his songs.
Abhi says he doesn’t have to do all that his fans want him to do; he loves Tanu and will marry her.
Tanu is relieved.

Abhi tells Purab that he should go and see the police commissioner as he’s not doing a good job.
Purab leaves.

Abhi tells Pragya to wait for him to come back as he needs to talk to her about something important.

Purab returns to the room to tell Pragya that Tanu is leaving.

She leaves the room.
She sees Tanu leaving so she follows her but Abhi pulls her back.
Pragya says she’s going to look for her mother.
Abhi asks why she wants to do that when the police are looking for her.
Pragya says she has to go.
He says he’s coming with her especially as Sarla has disowned her.

Pragya and Abhi are in the car.
Pragya gives him directions and they start arguing.
They get to a market and he asks why she made her drive that way.
He stops the car and Pragya gets out.

Pragya wonders where Tanu is going to see the man.
Abhi asks if Sarla is there.
Pragya says she has come to see a woman who saw Sarla.
He asks how she will recognise the woman.
Pragya says she will be in a blue dress.
She tells Abhi to go in one direction while she takes another.

Pragya gets to an alley and sees Tanu’s car driving up the road.
She runs after it.

Sarla tells herself that she can’t give up.
She has tears in her eyes.
She knows Pragya will be worried about her.
She decides that she will have to find a way to escape.



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