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Twist Of Fate – Season 1 Episode 224 – Stories


Twist Of Fate - Season 1 - Episode 224
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Nikhil is still driving.

He wonders what he will do about Sarla.
Purab calls Abhi to ask where he and Pragya have been.

Abhi tells him that Sarla has been kidnapped and they are going to meet her.

Purab says he will get the police.

Abhi tells him where they are going.
Purab tells Grandmother about the kidnap.

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She tells him to hurry up and get the police.
The goons find Sarla where she’s hiding and drag her out.

She tells them that her son-in-law is on his way.
They make fun of her.

She tells them that Abhi is her son-in-law.
They are shocked.

They drag her back into the building.
Abhi tells Nikhil to stop the car.

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They come down and search for Sarla but can’t find her.

Nikhil tells himself that he has to prevent them from finding her.

Abhi gets to the entrance of a building place and hears a sound.

He is about to go in but Nikhil tells him she can’t be there.

Abhi agrees and turns back.

Pragya sees her mother’s chain on the ground and says she must be inside.

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They go inside.

Nikhil gets a call from Tanu so he goes outside to answer it.

He tells her that he doesn’t know how Sarla was able to escape and call Abhi.

Tanu blames him for not killing her.



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