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Twist Of Fate – Season 1 Episode 225 – Stories


Twist Of Fate - Season 1 - Episode 225
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Ronnie tells Abhi that the guy is a pharmacist.

He leaves the room and Pragya sits beside Sarla’s bed.

Nikhil wonders why they came and how he can do what he has to do.

The nurse asks him for the medicine.
He hands it to her and she says it’s the wrong one.

Abhi goes to him and warns him not to make any mistakes as Sarla’s life is precious.
Nikhil’s phone rings.

Abhi tells him to take the call outside but when he returns he should put the phone on silent mode.

Next morning, Abhi and Pragya come downstairs and meet the family at breakfast.
Grandmother tells Abhi that they are thinking of having a prayer session.

She sees Tanuandd asks if she won’t apologise for coming home late.
Abhi says she told him about it; she was going
to see her mother.

Tanu says her mother refused to see her.

The security guard comes to tell Abhi that a man wants to see him, the pharmacist.

Abhi sees him with a bandage and asks what happened to him after he left the house.

The man says he wasn’t in the house the day before because he was attacked outside.

Abhi asks if he will recognise the person who attacked him.
He says yes.

Tanu goes to her room to calls Nikhil.
She asks where he is.
He says he’s almost at Abhi’s place.

She tells him that the person he beat up and impersonated has reported him to Abhi and he says he can recognise him.

Nikhil says he can’t come in but she needs to find a way to get the man out of the house because if Sarla wakes up, they are in trouble.

The doctor comes to check Sarla.
He says she seems fine but he doesn’t know why she hasn’t regained consciousness.

The security guard comes to inform them that there is someone living in their cottage.
They all go out to check.

They get to the cottage and see Alia trying to break the padlock.
Grandmother asks what she’s doing there.
Alia says she has a lawyer friend who got her out on bail.

Abhi asks why she came back to the house.
He says if she thinks they will welcome her back, she’s mistaken.

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She says he’s so wrong,’ Abhishek Premier Mehra.’

She says she is calling him by his name as he’s no longer her brother.

She says she knows he said no one would stay in the cottage since a help died there last year.
She says it’s far from them in the house so she wants to stay in the cottage as she knows they don’t like her and she doesn’t even want to stay in the house.

Everyone stares at her as she speaks.
She says the cottage reminds her of old times when it was just 3 of them and Abhi used to get her everything she wanted and never let her do anything herself so she wants to start doing things herself.

She says she also learnt in jail that she needs to do things for herself.

She says she won’t stay for long but will only stay till she makes enough money to buy her house but in the meantime, she will pay rent for the cottage and won’t step foot in the house.

Ajay tells her she hasn’t changed much.
He tells Abhi to let her stay.

Pami agrees with him and tells Abhi that they don’t want people saying his sister got thrown out.

Alia sheds a tear.

Abhi gets very emotional and leaves.
Everyone follows Abhi except Pragya.

Pragya tells her that Abhi hasn’t forgiven her but he’s waiting for her to make a move so he can throw her out.

She says she knows she is only putting on an act.

Tanu is in her room, pacing and very worried.
Nikhil calls her to ask what’s going on.
She says the guy is waiting at the gate to catch him.

He tells her to come and see him.
She asks why.
He says he got a deadly poison made and it looks like the drug Sarla is taking so she needs to get it and switch Sarla’s drug with it.

Tanu likes the plan.
Tanu enters the room Sarla is in.
She sees the nurse and asks how Sarla is doing.
The nurse says her blood pressure is normal.

Tanu picks up one of the bottles of medicine and asks if they won’t give her the medicine.
The nurse says the doctor will decide.

She begs Tanu to stay with Sarla while she goes to get something.
As soon as she leaves, Tanu quickly switches the drug with the one from Nikhil.

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She leaves the room happy with what she has done.
Mitali comes to her and asks why she’s standing outside Sarla’s room.

Tanu asks why she’s interfering in her private life.
Mitali says she knows Tanu wants Sarla dead.
Tanu asks why she would want to kill her.

Mitali tells her to go and kill her with a pillow.
Ronnie asks them what they are doing.
Tanu says they are fighting.

He says he wants to warn them not to be seen in the area as they look suspicious and he has been ordered to shoot at sight or they stay in the cottage with Alia.

Tanu is shocked that Alia is back.
She goes to the cottage to meet Alia.
She tells Alia that she missed her so much.
Alia says she missed her so much she couldn’t come to see her in jail.

Tanu tells her all that happened with Sarla.
Alia says when she regains consciousness, Abhi and Pragya will know the truth.

Tanu says if she gets injected with the drug, she will die.
Alia is shocked.
Tanu asks why she’s in the cottage.

Alia says after prison she will be fine there.
She says she plans to ruin Abhi’s life and Tanu will help her.

Tanu asks how.
Alia says she will build her company which will be bigger than Abhi’s and he will feel so small; she only needs to spoil his reputation and she will do it.

Tanu says it’s not easy to do that.
Alia says she will do it.
Tanu tells her to come so they can watch Sarla dying.

Alia says she won’t step foot in the house.
Tanu says she will go alone then.
Abhi, Pragya and Mitali are in Sarla’ room.
The nurse picks the drug and pulls it into a syringe.
Tanu walks in and tells herself that in 5 minutes
it will happen.

Ronnie turns his face away.
Abhi asks if he’s scared.
Ronnie says he hates to see others in pain.
The nurse gives the syringe to the doctor.
He injects Sarla with it.

Tanu asks the doctor when it will start taking effect.
Abhi looks at her funny.

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Tanu says she means when will she regain consciousness.
The doctor says they are done with injections and she should regain consciousness soon.
Abhi thanks him.

The doctor asks to be informed when she regains consciousness.
Tanu goes out of the room.
She calls Nikhil to tell him she succeeded in doing what he couldn’t.

He asks what she did.
She says she changed the drugs and made sure the doctor injected Sarla with it so in a few minutes Sarla will die.

She says what if Sarla becomes a ghost and tortures them.
He says there is no such thing.
Tanu thinks about how to convince Abhi to marry her.

Mitali bumps into her and tells her to stop mumbling to herself as she might fall down the stairs

Tanu says she’s too happy to argue as she will get rid of the obstacle in her life today.
Mitali asks if that’s Pragya.

Tanu says as soon as she gets married to Abhi, she will throw Pragya out.
Mitali says she was thinking that getting rid of Sarla would make her feel good so she went to the room and took away the medicines so that she would die.

Tanu stops breathing and asks what medicine the doctor gave her then.
Mitali says her plan failed as the doctor had some medicine on him.

Tanu calls her a fool for interfering.
Mitali says she thought it was what Tanu wanted.

Tanu says she would never forgive her.
Mitali is confused.
Grandmother enters Sarla’s room.
She meets Abhi covering her with a duvet.
She tells him to go and rest.

He says he has to be there when Sarla opens her eyes.
Grandmother says sitting there all the time won’t help him.

He says he wants to ask Sarla about something she did.
Pragya is about to enter the room.

Abhi tells his grandmother that Sarla made him hold Pragya’s hand and he doesn’t know why she did it; he thinks she probably wanted him to be with Pragya though she wanted him to marry Tanu and she hates Pragya but loves him so he doesn’t understand why she did it



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