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Twist Of Fate – Season 1 Episode 31 – Stories


Twist Of Fate - Season 1 - Episode 31
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Purab asks Bulbul how he can marry Aliya, someone he doesn’t love.
Bulbul says he said he would do anything to make her happy and what will make her happy is if her sister is happy so he has to marry Aliya.
Purab asks what will become of them if she marries Aliya.
She says she doesn’t have feelings for him anymore because he’s responsible for all that’s happening; he got engaged to Aliya and didn’t tell her.
Purab looks at her in shock.
Bulbul says he betrayed Abhi’s trust and what Abhi is doing is something any guy could have done to protect his sister. She feels the same about Pragya and now Abhi married Pragya so that Purab can go back to Aliya. Abhi is taking everything out on Pragya and she can’t bear it.
Purab pleads with her.
Bulbul says she can’t tell her mother the truth because it will kill her and if he doesn’t marry Aliya and Pragya faces more problems, he will see the worst of her.
Purab tries to talk her but she walks away.

Pragya and Abhi walk into a hotel.
She asks why he brought her there.
He tells her it’s an airport.
Pragya says she’s not a fool.
He says he knows she’s very smart but she has never been on a plane before and this is what it looks like.
He tells her to wait while he collects their boarding passes.
He goes to the reception to get the room key, then tells her to come along so they don’t miss their flight.
Pragya asks him to tell her what they are doing there.
He asks if she’s so eager to get on a plane.
He tells her to follow him through a door and she will know what they are there.

They go into a suite and he tells her that’s her honeymoon suite.
He puts on the air conditioner and tells her it will be cold soon and she will feel like she’s in Shimla but there won’t be any snow.
Pragya says it’s ridiculous.
Abhi says she will be stuck in the room for the next 4 days and will never wish for anything from him again.
He says he is leaving her and going to his girlfriend for his own honeymoon.

The concierge brings their suitcases.

Abhi tells Pragya to Pray and ask God for strength to get her through the next 4 days and she can thank him for the suite.
Pragya thanks him and says the 4 days would be the best days for her as he won’t be there and he should have just booked a simple room instead of a fancy suite.
Abhi says if she needs anything she shouldn’t call him.
Pragya says she doesn’t invite trouble in.
He says she’s giving him attitude.
She tells him to worry about Tanu’s attitude because if he’s late, she will be very upset.
Abhi warns her not to think about leaving the hotel and going anywhere.
He picks one of the suitcases and leaves.

Tanu calls him while he’s on his way and he tells her he dropped Pragya at the hotel.
Tanu asks if he’s coming over to her place.
He says he will see her after his concert.
She says she thought he cancelled the concert.
Abhi says he needs the money as he wants to plan a very grand wedding for Aliya.
Tanu says after that, he will marry her.
Abhi says he wants to punish Pragya first.
Tanu tells him not to talk about her now.
He tells her the concert starts late and if she comes now, they can spend time together before then.
Tanu says she’s on her way.

Pragya stands by the window crying as it rains..
She gets a call from Sarla who asks if she has reached the airport.
Pragya lies that she’s there and they are telling her to hang up and board.
Sarla says they will talk later.

Abhi is with some of his management team, backstage at the concert venue.
He calls a lady and tells her to alter the clothes he’s wearing for the concert as they are too big.
The manager tells him there is very little time left before the concert.
Abhi tells him not to worry.
The lady asks for his clothes.
He pulls one out without looking and the lady tells him it won’t fit him.
He looks to see it’s Pragya’s dress.
He says he left his suitcase at the hotel and took someone else’s.
The lady tells him it’s not uncommon for people who are in love to make such mistakes.
He tells her to keep quiet.

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Pragya opens the door for room service who brings her tea.
He accidentally spills it on her dress.
He apologises profusely and she tells him it’s okay.

After he leaves, she tries to change her clothes and finds that Abhi has taken her bag.
She decides she will wear Abhi’s clothes for a while and wash hers.

At the concert venue, Tanu is waiting for Abhi with her friends when she overhears some of Abhi’s management team saying it seems Abhi has fallen in love with his wife because he made an excuse to go back to the hotel to see her right before his concert.
Tanu’s friend says she warned Tanu about something like that happening,; Abhi has fallen in love with his wife and Tanu has to keep an eye on him.
Tanu is almost in tears.

Abhi gets to the hotel room and knocks.
Pragya is sleeping with earphones on and can’t hear him.
He calls the front desk and they bring him another key.

He gets into the room and sees Pragya sleeping in bed.
He takes out one of the earphones and listens to the music.
He says she listens to boring music, that’s why she’s so boring.
Pragya wakes up and is shocked to see Abhi leaning so close in front of her.
They stare at each other for a while then she pulls out the earphone from his ear.
He is shocked to see her wearing his shirt and he starts to pull the covers away from her.
She holds on tightly to the covers and asks him what he’s doing.
He tells her not to get the wrong idea and tells her that she is wearing the shirt he’s supposed to wear to the concert and she needs to take it off.
Pragya says she can’t take it off because she has nothing to wear, her clothes are wet and he didn’t bring back her suitcase.

Tanu calls Abhi, he does not answer and flings the phone on the bed.
Tanu is able to hear their conversation.
Abhi tells Pragya to take off the clothes
Pragya says she can’t
Abhi says he needs them and can’t do without them so she needs to take off the clothes.

Tanu panics as she gets the wrong idea.

Pragya tells Abhi to turn around while she takes off the clothes.
Abhi’s phone rings again.
Tanu asks him where he is
He lies that’s he’s at a friend’s place.
She asks what he’s doing.
He jokes that he’s taking her clothes off and he will soon be at the concert.

Tanu hangs up. Very upset.

Abhi asks Pragya why she’s just standing there.
Pragya asks what she will wear if she gives him the clothes.
He says he will send her clothes in a few minutes.
She tells him to give her her clothes first, then he can get his.
He decides he will give her what he’s wearing.
He starts to take off his clothes and she asks what he’s doing.
He tells her she has seen him like that before and he is not attracted to her.
He takes off the clothes and gives to her.

Abhi is all dressed up in the shirt Pragya had on earlier.

Pragya comes out of the bathroom in Abhi’s over sized jeans, t shirt and leather jacket.
He is surprised when he sees her.
She asks why he’s staring at her.
He says she looks like a junior him when he had long hair.
He says he has to go back to his girlfriend, so if she wants to go back to sleep she can do so, if she wants to eat anything she can eat, if she wants to steal anything she can also do so and he will pay but the one thing she can’t do is bring her lover over because he will find out and he will torture her.
Before he leaves, he adds that she looks rocking.

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Abhi gets to the door and smells Pragya’s perfume on his shirt.

Pragya smells his cologne on the clothes she’s wearing.

Abhi instructs the concierge to take the suitcase up to Pragya but only to do it later.
He decides that if she has to be tortured by the smell of Pragya’s perfume on his clothes, then she has to suffer the same thing with his cologne.

Purvi and Bulbul are walking home from the market.
Bulbul sees Purab so she gives Purvi the bag to take home, saying she will see her later.

She goes to Purab to ask if he has agreed to marry Aliya.
Purab asks why she came after him when they were working together if she knows she doesn’t love him. She planned everything, falling into his arms holding him and all.
Bulbul says she didn’t plan anything, it just happened.
Purab says that’s his point, one doesn’t plan to fall in love, it just happens so why is she blaming himself for everything.
Bulbul says they are both at fault but love can’t be compared to marriage; getting married takes a lot of planning just the way Abhi planned his wedding to Pragya.
She says it’s possible for them to fall in love and she will give Pragya hope to give marriage a chance.
Purab says he knows Abhi and he won’t fall in love with Pragya.
Bulbul says she knows her sister and she can make Abhi fall in love with her; she knows Pragya will be able to make the marriage work but it will only be possible if Purab marries Aliya.
She walks away and ignores as he tries to call her back.
She is in tears.

Rachna is on the phone with Akash.
She tells him not to come and see her as Suresh will be upset.
He says he doesn’t care, he will either come to see her or she comes to see him.
He says he still had feelings for her and wants to see her.
Rachna tells him he cares only about himself and he shouldn’t call her anymore.
She turns and sees her mother who asks her who the caller was.
Rachna says it was a wrong number.

Akash is sending Rachna a text when his mother enters the room.
She asks if he is texting all those girls again.
Akash denies.
She tells him not to worry as she will help him find a nice girl to marry.

Abhi meets Tanu backstage at the concert venue and he hugs her.
She breaks away and he says her knows his friends, they don’t leave him.
She asks when his friends started wearing ladies’ perfume and a long hair.
Abhi says he ran into his friend at the concert.
Pragya tells him to save it and he could have just told her if he was bored with her and she would have set him up with a girl but not the 4 eyed Pragya.
Abhi asks what she’s talking about. He reminds her that she was the one who wanted him to marry Pragya.
Tanu says she didn’t know he would fall under Pragya’s spell just like Purab did.
She tells him to do whatever he likes as she can’t handle it.
He tells her she’s freaking out over nothing.
She says it’s over; he stood her up to go and be with Pragya and she can’t handle it, he should forget they had anything.
Abhi tells her to calm down.
Tanu says she doesn’t want to listen anymore because he’s a liar, the reason he married Pragya and the promise he made to her are all lies. She says she will have to move on like he did.
She walks out and he follows her out asking how she can think he has feelings for that woman. He says it’s an insult to him that she thinks such.
Tanu says she heard him telling Pragya to take off her clothes.
Abhi says he can’t explain it but he can show her that she’s the only woman for him, he will propose to her in front of all his fans.
Tanu panics because of what Abhi’s grandmother would do if she watches him propose on TV.
Abhi doesn’t listen to her as he goes on stage.

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Pragya’s grandmother is going through the wedding photos.
Sarla is chopping vegetables but deep in her thoughts.
Grandmother tells her to stop thinking about Pragya so she doesn’t make a mess of the food.
Sarla says she wants to make a call to Pragya who must have arrived in Shimla.
Grandmother gives her the phone.

Sarla calls and Pragya thinks it’s her grandmother calling. She is shocked when she hears her mother’s voice.
Sarla asks if she has arrived in Shimla.
Pragya says they have arrived and it’s very cold and they even said it might snow.
Sarla tells her not to go out in the snow.
Grandmother takes the phone from Sarla and tells Pragya to go out and enjoy the snow and also to send photos.
Pragya says her network is not too good.
Grandmother says she wants to speak to Abhi to tell him how to prevent the flu.
Pragya says he’s in the shower.

Grandmother says Pragya should take the message to him then, she should tell him to drink their famous cough syrup when he’s going out and before bed.
Pragya says she will.
Bulbul asks to speak to Pragya.
Bulbul asks how she is.
Pragya says she is fine.
Bulbul says it hurts her when Pragya lies to her.

Sarla panics.

Bulbul remembers Sarla and tells Sarla that Pragya lied to her that she won’t go out of the room when she always used to say when she goes on honeymoon, she will build a snow ball and hit her husband with it.
Pragya is in tears.
Bulbul tells her not to worry about them, she should enjoy her trip and take care of herself.

Pragya breaks down in tears.

Abhi is performing at his concert.
He tells the crowd that he wants to tell them something personal, he wants to give them a surprise.

Purab is at the concert.

Abhi tells the crowd that he’s always sung songs about happy love and tonight he is going to tell all of them who he is so in love with.
He says he’s truly, madly and deeply in love.

A female hotel worker brings Pragya her clothes then she tells Pragya that her husband is talking about her at his concert.
The lady puts her phone radio on and Pragya listens to Abhi talking about the person he loves.

Pragya’s grandmother complains that their TV is not working and Abhi has a concert.
They decide to listen on the radio.

Abhi says he won’t tell the crowd the woman’s name but he will bring her out on stage.
Purvi’s mother asks if it’s a live concert.
Grandmother says it’s live.
Sarla days it can’t be live because Abhi and Pragya are away on their honeymoon.

Pragya panics that her family will be watching the concert at home.

Abhi says he will perform a song before introducing the lady in his life.

After the concert he says he knows they are dying to find out who he dedicated the song to; she’s his darling, Tanu.

Pragya almost faints as she listens.

Sarla and her family are shocked.

Abhi points in Tanu’s direction and calls her on stage.
She doesn’t go but an older lady goes on stage and hugs Abhi.
Abhi tells everyone to meet his biggest fan, Tanu, she was 47 when she first heard his song and he taught her how to wear makeup and how to walk the runway.
He winks at his girlfriend, Tanu who smiles.
He gets on his knees and asks his fan,Tanu if she now realises how much he loves her.
He holds the elderly Tanu and screams “I love you Tanu!”

Tanu the girlfriend beams with pride while Pragya is in tears at the hotel.


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