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Twist Of Fate – Season 1 Episode 33 – Stories


Twist Of Fate - Season 1 - Episode 33

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The junior police officer tells his boss that the other women’s families have come to identify them.
He asks what they will do about Pragya.
The boss tells him to put her behind bars.
Pragya begs him to let her go but he ignores her plea and instructs a female officer to take her to the cell.

Sarla, Suresh and Pragya’s grandmother arrive.
Sarla holds Pragya and asks what happened.
Pragya holds her mother and cries.
Sarla asks her again to tell her everything.
Pragya says she will tell her all.
Suresh tells her not to spare any details and she will not have to worry about the problems anymore.
Sarla asks Pragya where Abhi is.
Pragya doesn’t know how to respond.
Sarla panics and shakes Pragya as she asks her again for Abhi.

Abhi arrives with Aliya and Tanu.
The police are shocked.
He asks who is in charge.
The boss says he is.
Abhi asks how he could dare to arrest his wife. He says the police keep troubling celebrities.
The boss says he didn’t believe her when she said she was his wife.
Abhi says so he thinks an ordinary woman can’t be a rocks star’s wife; he doesn’t judge people by their looks but their character.

He turns to Pragya and asks why she didn’t tell police she was his wife.
Pragya says she did but he didn’t believe her.
She hugs him and says she’s really glad he’s there now.

She looks into his eyes pleading and whispers that it’s for her mother.
He hugs her back and says she cares about her mother and he cares about his grandmother.
He tells her she’s safe now.

Suresh looks confused.

Sarla seems happy.

Tanu is enraged.

Pragya moves out of the embrace and says she didn’t want to trouble him and she’s sorry.

Abhi raises his voice for everyone to hear. He says he told Pragya that he didn’t want to leave her but she told him to go for the concert.
He hugs her again.

The police inspector is confused because Pragya told him she didn’t get along with her husband but they’ve just been holding each other.

Abhi says thank goodness he found her. He tells her to promise not to leave him the way she did and she also shouldn’t make him to leave her again; she knows how much he cares for her and loves her, if any harm comes to her, he won’t be able to live without her and she knows it.

He asks the inspector why he arrested her.
The inspector says he found a bag on her.
Abhi asks if he found her identity or anything that proves it was her bag.
The officer brings out a pouch of drugs.
Abhi tells him he’s the one holding it now so should they assume he is the culprit?
The inspector apologises and says they can go.

Abhi asks Sarla why she came; she knows Pragya is always worried about her health and now Pragya is upset and he hates to see Pragya upset.
Sarla says she heard Pragya was at the station, so she had to come
Abhi says he told her that he would take care of Pragya so why would she think otherwise.
He says he’s married to Pragya and its not a joke; Pragya is his responsibility and he realises that now.
He tells Pragya’s grandmother to talk to Sarla.
Grandmother tells Sarla that she has nothing to worry about.

Pragya says she feels bad that Abhi came to the station because of her and the newspapers may carry the story.
Sarla assures her that Abhi will take care of it.
Sarla asks what happened to the honeymoon.
Abhi says their flight was delayed and it’s snowing in Shimla so they decided to stay.
Grandmother tells Sarla that they should leave.

They all move out of the station.
Suresh stands there, confused.

They get outside the station.
Sarla tells Abhi that she won’t worry anymore because she has seen how well he takes care of Pragya. She tells him not to change and she hopes they will learn to stand by each other always.
Abhi tells her not to worry; he will take better care of Pragya now because today’s incident has shaken him..
They say their goodbyes then Sarla and grandmother leave.

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Tanu and Aliya leave as well.

Suresh stands there looking at the couple.

Pragya thanks Abhi.
He turns to look at her and she thanks him again.
He doesn’t respond. He walks away and she follows.
Suresh looks at them with suspicion.


Bulbul is home. Worried about what might have happened at the station.
She decides to go there.


She gets outside and sees Purab.
She asks what he’s doing there.
He says he was waiting for her.
She asks how he knew she would come out.
He says he just knows and he wanted to see her.
Bulbul says it’s better he doesn’t see her again.
Purab says he now knows he’s the one responsible for everything and he wants to fix it; he has decided to marry Aliya.
Bulbul is shocked.
Purab says he can’t change the fact that she’s the only woman he ever loved.
She tells him he’s too late because her mother would have found out the truth about Pragya’s marriage by now.

She runs home and Sarla tells her all that happened at the station.
She says Abhi took care of Pragya.

Bulbul now wonders why Abhi is manipulating so many people just to please his sister.
She asks Sarla why she didn’t bring Pragya home.
Sarla says she is fine because she is with her husband.


Abhi, Pragya and Aliya get home.
Grandmother is happy to see Pragya. She fusses over her asking if she’s fine and she should have tried to call because she was so worried.


Abhi asks her if he didn’t say he would bring Pragya back.
She tells Abhi that it didn’t have to happen, he should have left Pragya at home if he wanted to go to the concert.
Pragya begs her not to shout at Abhi because she was the one who told him to go to the concert.
Grandmother tells her not to take his side; it was wrong of Abhi to go.
She berates Abhi for failing in his duties to his wife and his grandmother.
She says the special moment after his wedding will never come back and she thought marriage would change him but he’s still the same; he doesn’t have to care about her but he should care about Pragya.
Abhi stares at her, unable to say anything.
She warns that if he troubles his wife again she won’t take is so lightly and he should consider this his final warning to either change or she will leave the house with Pragya to give him time to think.
She says money can go and when it’s all said and done he will be all alone and Pragya will be the only one who will be there for him.

She walks away and Abhi tells Aliya that this is the first time Grandmother spoke to him like that.

He asks Pragya if she’s happy now. He says she got what she wanted; she separated Purab from him and now wants to do same to his family .
He says his grandmother spoke to him that way because of all Pragya has been telling her and he feels like…
He raises his hand to her but Aliya pulls him back and tells him to calm down.
Abhi says if he kills Pragya, his problems will be over.
Aliya tells him to take it easy.
Abhi says he’s not had a day of peace since he married Pragya.
He asks Pragya why she left the hotel room and why she is playing games with him; he helped her at the police station to keep her mother happy but she is doing the opposite to him and his grandmother.
Aliya tells him to leave her.
Abhi says he won’t leave her and Pragya in fact, should leave the house.
Pragya is stunned.


Abhi goes to meet Aliya in her room to rant some more.
She tells him to relax as she knows Pragya is taking advantage of their grandmother.
Abhi asks what they should do.
Aliya says they need to make their grandmother see Pragya for who she really is.
He asks if it’s that easy.
She tells him to leave that to her and he should just make Purab marry her.
Abhi says he will bring Purab back into her life while she helps him take Pragya out of his.

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Pragya is in bed crying as she replays the entire police incident and Abhi’s harsh words to her, in her head.
Her phone rings and it’s Suresh.
He begs her not to hang up as he says he wants to discuss something important with her.
Pragya says she doesn’t want to talk to anyone and he should leave her alone.
Suresh says he wants to help her as he can’t let her go through it alone; every night he still looks at her window.
Pragya says her window is closed to him forever; the problems of her married life, good or bad, are hers to deal with and he shouldn’t interfere.
She says it was her decision to stay away from him and he should please stop calling her.


Next morning, Pragya is woken up from sleep by loud music.
She asks Abhi what going on.

Abhi is working out. He tells her it’s rock music.
She tells him to turn it down and he should try inspirational songs.
Abhi says those songs are boring.
Pragya takes her blanket and walks away but trips on his exercise weights.
He tells her to put on her glasses.
She finds her glasses and picks up the weight.
He asks if she works out because it doesn’t show.

Abhi continues his workout.
He starts hearing a slow song and he sees Pragya praying.
He goes to the player to reduce the volume but the music is still loud.
Pragya has another player by her side where the music is paying from.



Abhi goes to get more speakers then turns on his own music.
Pragya ignores him.
He takes off his shirt and goes towards her.
She turns and sees him, then she closes her eyes.
He goes back to his workout and she continues her prayers.
He comes back to her and turns off her music, saying she can’t play the song till he’s done with his workout.
She says she has to play the song now.
He says it’s his room.
She says it’s hers too.
He calls the servant to tell his grandmother to make him some coffee.
The servant says something has happened; grandmother hasn’t come out of her room all morning

Abhi panics and goes to bang on her door.
Everyone in the house gathers and they all beg her to open the door.
There is no response.
Pragya says maybe she should try.
Abhi mocks her and says he will go to the window.

Pragya calls grandmother and she comes out of the room.
Abhi says he called her and everyone else but she only came after Pragya called her.
Grandmother says she didn’t hear his voice or anyone else’s, she heard only Pragya and from today onwards, no one should talk to her except Pragya. If they want to tell her anything, they should tell Pragya and Pragya will tell her.
Pragya asks why.
Grandmother says the family members don’t listen to her, so she doesn’t want to talk to anyone.
Abhi asks her how she expects him to make it without her, she is the only one who knows everything about him, what he eats and drinks and when he wakes up in the morning.
Grandmother tells Pragya to tell Abhi that he has enough helps and if he wants, he can hire 2 grandmothers to look after him since he has enough money.


Grandmother says she heard a holy song being played this morning.
Abhi says it was from his room.
Grandmother tells Pragya to tell him not to lie.
Abhi tells Pragya to tell her the truth.
Pragya says the music was indeed coming from their room.
Grandmother tells Pragya not to lie to her, otherwise she will stop talking to her as well.
Pragya says she was the one playing the music as she was saying her prayers.
She tells grandmother to go and get some rest.

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Abhi and Pragya return to their room and Abhi goes straight to the player and turns on Pragya’s music.
He tries to continue his workout but he’s clearly upset.
He asks how he will do his workout with the simple music playing.
The servant comes in with his flask and laughs at him.
Abhi gives him the weight to lift.
The servant is unable to lift it.
Abhi tells him to get out.



Pragya enters the room and as she walks past Abhi, he grabs her by the arm forcefully and asks what she’s trying to do.
He tears up as he says he loves his grandmother and she has never spoken that way to him before he, loves her and his songs so dearly but after hearing the way she spoke to him, it really hurt his feelings. She has never been upset with him since he was a child but since Pragya came into his life she has been constantly upset with him.
He says she can have her revenge but if she tries to come between him and his grandmother..
She asks what he would do because he can’t make her life any worse than it already is.
She says she doesn’t want revenge on him but rather, he wants revenge on her. She didn’t say anything to his grandmother, she won’t do that and she only wants to bring everyone together but she will admit his grandmother spoke to him like that because of her.
She understands he loves his grandmother more than anything and it was wrong of grandmother to speak to him like that just because of a woman who is nothing but a stranger to her family.
Abhi stares at Pragya, transfixed.
Pragya says she knows the pain caused by a loved one is terrible and can imagine what he’s going through; she sees nothing but hatred for her in his eyes but she saw him shed tears for his grandmother. She knows how much he loves his grandmother and how much he’s hurting, so she will talk to his grandmother for him and ask her to forgive him.
Abhi keeps staring at her.
Pragya begs him to let go of her arm.
He lets go and says he’s sorry.
Pragya says she is going to talk to his grandmother.
She leaves the room.

She bumps into Aliya on her way and apologises to her.

Aliya asks Abhi what he’s thinking about.
Abhi tells her what Pragya told him and he says when he looked into her eyes, he felt she was telling the truth and like she could really feel how much he was hurting.
He says if that’s the truth, then she’s not lying and he feels the other things are also not true.


Grandmother tells Pragya not try and make her change her mind.
Pragya says Abhi really cares about her and he’s really hurting.
Grandmother tells her not to interfere; Abhi is her grandson and she knows how to deal with him



Aliya picks one of Pragya’s books and tells Abhi that it is the reason for what he is feeling.
The book is titled ‘the art of hypnotism’.
She tells him not to be stupid; people who practice hypnotism can look into your eyes and get you to believe them.
She says it must be what she used on Purab and their grandmother.
Abhi says she may be right because as Pragya was talking, her eyes grasped him and all he could hear was her voice. He says now he will never look into her eyes.
Aliya says he may not look at her but she will look at him and they just have to come up with a way to drive her out of the house.
She tells him to focus on Purab while she deals with Pragya.


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