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Twist Of Fate – Season 1 Episode 34 – Stories


Twist Of Fate - Season 1 - Episode 34

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Rachna is walking and feeling faint in the market.
Sarla and Purvi’s mother see her and go to her.
They ask her what happened.
Rachna say she feels dizzy.
Sarla decides to take her to her own place till Madvhi returns.

Abhi reads about Hypnotism on the internet and concludes Aliya was right about Pragya.
He reads about how to avoid being hypnotised and one of the ways is to avoid eye contact.
Pragya enters the room and Abhi quickly turns his face away from her.
She tells him that she brought him coffee.
Abhi says he doesn’t want it.
She turns to leave and he tells her to leave it on the table.
She does and he tries to reach for it but picks up a pen holder instead.
She asks him what’s wrong and let him know he picked up the wrong thing.
Abhi says he knows and was just testing her to see if her glasses worked properly.
Pragya says he’s the one who needs glasses more.
He tells her that she can go.
She says she has things to do in the room.
Abhi tells her to leave because she will be a distraction.
Each time she tries to face him, he turns his face away.

Sarla offers Rachna juice and complains that she doesn’t take care of herself.
She feeds her the juice.
Rachna says Sarla is very sweet and nice to everyone, so why is she still upset with Suresh? She should just allow things go back to the way they were.
Sarla doesn’t respond. She stands up and says she has things to do.
Sarla tells her that she is not this sort of person and it will be good to go back to being her sweet self and forgive Suresh.

Suresh rushes in to ask Rachna if she’s okay.
He’s wet from the rain.
He remembers Sarla’s orders and starts to move back but Rachna tells him Sarla helped her.
Bulbul enters, all wet too and slips but Suresh catches her before she falls.
They look into each other’s eyes.
Sarlsa tells Bulbul to go into her room.
Rachna turns to leave.
Sarla offers them an umbrella and says it’s for Rachna and not Suresh.



Abhi knocks on Purab’s door.
Purab is shocked.
Abhi asks why he’s shocked to see him.
Purab says Abhi hasn’t been there in awhile.
Abhi asks if he’s upset with him because he wasn’t invited to the wedding or because he hit him.
He tells Purab to hit him if he wants to.
He says he feels so bad when he thinks how they’ve been friends since they were little and had nothing, so Purab should hit him and get whatever he’s angst is, out of his system, then they can go back to being best friends.
Abhi keeps shoving Purab but Purab doesn’t retaliate.
Abhi’s voice breaks as he says he can’t lose his best friend so Purab needs to get it out of his system.
He asks if Purab wants to arm wrestle.
He pulls him down and clasps their arms together.
Purab pulls Abhi up and hugs him.

They both cry.
Purab says he doesn’t want revenge and all he needs is Abhi’s friendship, as he has no other friends apart from Abhi.
He says he wanted to come and see Abhi but didn’t have the courage.
Abhi says he could have come to him.
Purab says he realises everything is his fault and he wants to fix it; he will marry Aliya wherever and whenever Abhi wants him to.
Abhi is shocked, he says he can’t decide that alone, Purab needs to come and talk to Aliya and his grandmother.
Purab agrees.
They hug again and Abhi thinks to himself that Purab is finally out of Pragya’s spell and he will love to see Pragya’s face when Purab proposes to Aliya.

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Pami calls her family together and tells them that they have to help her with something concerning their grandmother.
Mitali says she is not close to Grandmother so will not be able to help.
Pami thinks to herself that she needs to ensure that Grandmother doesn’t give the keys of the family safe to Pragya.


Pragya meets Mitali and Raj’s son Bunty, in the living room.
He sees his sister coming and hides behind Pragya.
Bubbly asks Pragya if she has seen Bunty because he took her pencil.
Pragya pretends to did a magic trick and puts her hand behind her to collect the pencil and give to Bubbly.
Bubbly is impressed with trick and thinks Pragya can really do magic.


Aliya is in the living room thinking about what she can do to turn their Grandmother against Pragya.
Mitali asks her when she will get married and Aliya tells her off.


Abhi and Purab arrive.
Abhi tells Aliya that Purab wants to say something to her.
He tells them to hold on so he can get someone.

Mitali wonders why Purab and Aliya are acting so distant.


Abhi brings Pragya downstairs and tells Purab to carry on.
Purab and Pragya are shocked.
Purab asks Abhi to allow him have a minute with Pragya.

Mitali is watching them with keen interest.

Abhi allows it and Aliya is upset but Abhi assures her that Purab now knows the truth about Pragya and probably wants to just vent at her.



Purab and Pragya enter another room.
Purab says he just wanted her to know first that he has agreed to marry Aliya.
Pragya is shocked.
He says he’s doing it for Bulbul.
Pragya tells him that Bulbul loves him and will want to marry him.
Purab says he has to do it for Bulbul’s sake so that Abhi and Aliya will stop torturing Pragya.
Pragya says she made a bad decision by getting married and he shouldn’t do the same and ruin his life.
Abhi comes into the room and hears Purab saying he has to do it, so they don’t find out the truth.

Abhi approaches them, looking upset.
He tells them their time is up.
He sees how apprehensive they look so he says he’s joking and just came to tell them that everyone is waiting for Purab and he hasn’t told them why he’s there.
Purab leaves the room.

Abhi tells Pragya that he knows what she was trying to tell Purab, she was trying to convince him not to marry Aliya but it didn’t work and he didn’t look into her eyes and fall for her trick .
He confuses her when he says he knows her trick.

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Purab goes to the living room and meets the entire family.
He says he called off his wedding to Aliya before because he loved someone else but he has now seen the person for who she truly is, she deceived him and he is sorry.
He asks Aliya to marry him.
She gives him a hug.

Abhi turns to look at Pragya who looks like she’s about to cry.


Mitali asks Purab who the other girl was.
Abhi mentions Pragya and everyone is shocked.
He turns it into a question and asks Pragya who she thinks the girl is.
Pragya doesn’t respond.
Abhi says he’s glad he has his friend back; Purab will be marrying Aliya and he’s sure the girl will get her punishment.
Grandmother says it’s a good thing Purab and Aliya are back together and the girl who came in between two friends is not a good person and she’s knows Pragya made it possible for Purab and Aliya to come together.
Abhi says its true but how did she know.
Grandmother says form the first time she saw Pragya, she knew she would bring luck into the family.
Abhi says he would ruin the life of the girl who betrayed Purab but before then, they would have their engagement.
He tells Purab and Aliya to go and ask for the blessings of the family members.
Purab and Aliya move towards Pami and her family but Abhi tells them to come and receive Pragya’s blessings first as she is the sister in law.
Grandmother says he’s talking sense for the first time in his life and she’s glad to see him respect his wife.
Purab hesitates at first but then he goes to Pragya to touch her feet and collect her blessings.
Aliya does same.
Abhi hugs Purab.

Purab and Aliya go to take the blessings of the rest of the family.


Pragya looks miserable.
Abhi asks her what’s wrong. He says he gave her an opportunity to convince Purab not to marry Aliya but Purab didn’t listen to her, so she has failed.
He tells her that she will never beat him with her mind games; he just wants Purab and Aliya to get married and afterwards…


Pragya escapes to the room and wonders how Bulbul will take the news of Purab marrying someone else.
She calls Bulbul on the phone and tells her that she is coming home to discuss something with her.



Aliya and Abhi are alone. She gives Abhi a hug and thanks him.
She says she can’t believe he was able to get Purab to ask to marry her.
She asks if he saw Pragya’s face.
Abhi says Pragya didn’t know what to say and she won’t have peace anymore.
Aliya says she will have peace now and it’s her turn to make their grandmother see Pragya for who she really is.

Pragya rushes downstairs with her handbag.
Pami asks her where she is going.
She says she is going home to take care of an emergency.

Aliya asks Abhi where he thinks Pragya is rushing to.
Abhi says she is probably going to get rid of Purab’s stuff.
Aliya says she must be going to destroy all her old photos with Purab.


Pragya gets to the house and asks Bulbul if she knows what Purab has done.
Bulbul says she is aware and it’s her decision.
Pragya tells her that Purab loves her.
Bulbul says he doesn’t, he was already engaged and didn’t tell her.
Pragya asks her to tell the truth and asks if she’s doing it for her.
Bulbul admits she’s doing it for her and the family. She doesn’t want them unhappy because of her.
She says once Purab and Aliya get married, Abhi will accept Pragya as his wife and that’s all she wants.
Pragya is in tears. She hugs Bulbul and says she feels bad that this is happening and if she tries to stop the wedding, she will be destroying Abhi’s grandmother and their family’ s happiness but if she lets the wedding happen, she will be destroying Bulbul’s happiness.
She apologises to Bulbul and says she doesn’t know how she will let Bulbul sacrifice her happiness for her.
Bulbul says there is no such thing as love, otherwise Pragya will be married to Suresh.
She says love is just a dream. She turns her face away and cries.
She says once Purab and Aliya get married, Pragya and Abhi will live happily ever after.
Sarla appears and asks if Abhi and Aliya are not already happy.
The sisters are shocked.

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Aliya reminds Purab that she told him that if she wants something, she will find a way to get it.
She asks if he thought she would allow that common girl steal him away.
She says she made it all happen and asks him what he thinks of her plan.
Purab doesn’t respond.
She says Pragya only married Abhi for his money and she will make her life so miserable that she will want to leave.
Purab tells her she got what she wanted and shouldn’t say such things about Pragya.
Aliya asks if he still cares about Pragya and if Pragya was trying to convince him not to marry her.
Purab tells he to think whatever.
He tries to walk away but she pulls him back and says she was also upset when he called off the wedding.
She says she is short tempered and it will be good if he forgets about Pragya; she made the wedding happen and he should imagine what she could do if she wanted to harm Pragya.
Grandmother appears and asks who she is talking about because Abhi is already married to Pragya.


Bulbul tells Sarla to talk some sense into Pragya because Pragya is worried that her marriage might not last due to what has happened in the past.
Sarla begs Pragya to stop thinking of negative things because she’s had her fair share of bad things and it’s time for her to be happy.
She asks why she came alone without Abhi.
Pragya says he was busy.
Sarla says she needs to call him.
She calls.



Abhi is at Tanu’s place.
She hands him the phone.
Sarla places the call on speaker and tells Abhi she’s not happy he let Pragya come to her place alone and she won’t let her go back alone
Abhi snaps and tells Sarla to let Pragya stay with her.
Sarla and her daughters are shocked.


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