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Twist Of Fate – Season 1 Episode 85 – Stories


Zee World Movies: Twist Of Fate - Season 1 - Episode 85
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Abhi’s lawyers ask Pragya for hers.
Sarla says an honest person doesn’t need one.
The lawyer asks her what she wants as alimony.
He shows her a document that has all of Abhi’s properties are listed.
Alia says Abhi acquired everything before they got married so Pragya has no right to them.
The lawyer says it’s proper for them to inform Pragya of everything Abhi owns so she doesn’t come later to sue.
He asks Pragya what her demands are.
Pragya says what she wants is not listed as part of the properties.
Everyone is scared of what she might ask for.
Pragya tells the lawyer that her list is long so he should write it down.
Her first demand is happiness; she wants to be able to see Abhi’s grandmother whenever she wants and nobody will stop her.
Her second demand is peace; apart from grandmother, she loves Mitali’s children and she wants to be able to see them and her third demand is that nobody stops her from listening to Abhi’s music and attending his concerts and her last demand is a promise from Abhi that he will take good care of his grandmother.
Abhi is shocked and overcome with emotions.
Without a word, he goes up the stairs and straight to his room.

Alia and Tanu taunt Pragya about continously fooling people.
Sarla defends Pragya.
Bulbul also warns Alia to back off otherwise she would circulate a video of her that would ruin them.
Pragya begs Bulbul to leave them alone.
She goes to the lawyer who shows her where to sign.
She thinks of the moments she shared with Abhi.
With tears streaming down her face, she signs.

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Sarla, Purab aunt Indu and Suarini are deeply hurt.
Alia rushes to Abhi’s room to call him to sign the papers.
Abhi comes downstairs and stalls.
Alia tells him to sign.
Purab tells Abhi to think of his grandmother.
Pragya tells Purab not to say any more.
She tells Abhi to sign.
Abhi signs.
As soon as he’s done, he storms out of the living room.

Bulbul meets Sarla outside and consoles her as she cries.
Sarla asks Bulbul for forgiveness for always doubting her intentions.
Bulbul hugs her mother.
Purab opens the door for Sarla to get into the car.
Sarka apologises to him too and thanks him for all he has done for her family.
Pragya runs into the room to cry.
She picks up Abhi’s photograph and clutches it to her chest.
She remembers the day Abhi told her to see if he had grey hair, she plucked the grey strand and he gets upset.
He tries to get even by checking her own hair for grey strands and she runs off.
He catches her and they fall on the bed together.
Pragya tells herself she and Abhi fought and argued a lot but they were always together now she can’t stay in his house anymore.
She starts packing her things.

Tanu is complaining downstairs that Pragya is taking too long to come down.
Pragya takes her things out of the closet.
She sees Abhi’s jacket and stares at it for a long time, then picks it up and puts it in her suitcase.
Back home, grandmother tells Sarla that she is happy Pragya made the right decision because her self respect is important.
Bulbul says when Pragya comes home they need to receive her well and act normal around her.
Abhi comes downstairs and sees Pragya coming down with her suitcase.
Aunt Indu is in tears.
Alia warns Pragya to forget the way to their house and memories of Abhi as soon as she’s gone
Abhi says he hopes she hasn’t packed anything of his.
Pragya tells Abhi to check her bag.
He says he’s not the police so she should go and unpack her belongings herself.
Pragya is confused.
Abhi tells her to put her things back in the closet.
Alia tells Abhi that Pragya is leaving.
Abhi says he doesn’t want her to go.
He tells Pragya that she entered the house with his consent and she will leave with his consent and that will be only when she gets married again.

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Everyone is confused.
Abhi says his grandmother always says when a woman gets married, she cannot go back home to her mother so he would rather send her away as a bride.
Pragya asks how he can think of such a thing.
He asks if she knows how her family would feel when the video goes out and people start talking; if Pragya returns home, the neighbours will ask her mother questions.
Pragya says she just needs her family and doesn’t need anyone else.
Alia tells Abhi to let Pragya go but Abhi tells her not to interfere.
He tells Pragya that he knows she can’t handle it on her own so he will help her whether she likes it or not and she will be getting married within 2 days.
Pragya tells him to let her just go back home.
Abhi says he’s sending her back to her ex boyfriend.

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Pragya takes her suitcase and walks towards the door but he stops her.
Pragya says she doesn’t want to get married.
Abhi says she is only refusing to get married because she wants to come back when his grandmother is well so she can convince his grandmother to tell Abhi to take her back.
Pragya wipes her tears and says he doesn’t trust her but they have ended things and he has no right over her anymore.
Abhi says he’s trying to help her; she can leave but the moment she steps out, he will upload the video on the Internet.
Alia reminds him his career will also be ruined if he uploads the video.
Abhi says he will do it.
He says Sarla has not seen the video even though she has heard about it but there is a difference between seeing and hearing.
He says if Pragya gets married to Suresh and the video out, then it wouldn’t be a problem.
He threatens to send the video in 4 minutes if she doesn’t agree to get married.
Pragya begs him not to ruin his career.
Abhi tells her not to worry about that.
He continues the countdown.


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