Which Punishment Is The Most Painful Here That A Man Can Give His Wife/Girlfriend? – See This


Hi Guys,

Lets talk about Relationship today.. Na kuku all of us get Girl friend, Babe or Wife 

We know some of you, Una be Gay    but if we catch you ehn, You go receive serious beating!! 

Lets get down to business…..

Our Ladies can be Frustrating & annoying some times and only Real Men can handle the Situation maturely.

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Report has it that about 85% of Men will bounce and throw punch at their Girl when they have issues and only 15% can actually act matured when this happens.

Now, We are throwing this Question to all the Real Guys/Men on Naijaloaded today.

Looking at the List of Punishments below,

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Which Punishment Do You Think Is The Most Painful Here That A Man Can Give His Wife/Girlfriend?

Which one dey pain women pass? 

Drop your comments now!!

If you know of any Punishment a Man can give his Girlfriend or Wife without beating her, Tell us by dropping your Comment.

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Lets talk Guys.

God Bless all the Real Guys!!


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