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Zee World Movie: King Of Hearts – Season 1 Episode 109 – Stories


Roshni and Sid are sitting on the balcony.
He tells her to pay up the money for the bet.
She pays and asks how he can still collect money when he’s one of the richest men in India.
He says he will keep it in his piggy bank.
She asks if there is enough in his piggy bank to take her to dinner.
He says he has enough and will take her.
He gets a call from Misha telling him to come home as she has ordered for his favourite dish.
Sid says he’s on his way.
Roshni asks why he never told her about Misha since she’s his best friend.
Sid says they were friends but one day she just disappeared and he was very angry at her.
Sid leaves and Shiv joins her on the balcony.
He asks who Misha is.
Roshni says she’s Sid’s best friend.
Shiv asks why she looks down and tells her not to worry because he can see nobody can take her place in Sid’s life.
Roshni says she thought she knew what Sid’s best dish was but she doesn’t and Misha knows.
Sid is home with Misha.
He teases her about how she’s eating her pizza.
He tells her he’s happy she’s back.
She says she missed him too.
He says he was angry when she just left without a word.
She says it was her dad’s idea to keep it a secret.
She says she heard Roshni also left him for 6 months without telling him where she was going.
Sid is about to leave the room but Misha stops him and asks if what Roshni has done to him is such a big deal.
She starts teasing him when he doesn’t respond, making him smile.
Kritika and Simran are spying on them and very happy with what they see. DD is standing in front of her mirror, rehearsing her speech for the award ceremony.
Grandmother brings her a cup of tea.
Kesar receives the medicine he ordered online to help calm DD’s nerves.
DD enters the living room and he hides the drug behind his back.
She give Shiv her cup of tea as she leaves the room.
At the Khuranas, Misha is about to take a bite of her meat at breakfast when Sid snatches it from her hand.
Misha starts to chase him around the room.
Roshni arrives and sees them.
Misha chases Sid to his room.
Simran sees Roshni and serves her dessert for herself, Sid and Misha and asks her to take theirs to them in Sid’s room.
Kritika comes to call Misha to take a phone call.
Misha takes her dessert along with her.
Roshni asks Sid if Misha would have been his wife if she didn’t disappear.
Sid pretends to cough.
He tries to eat his dessert but Roshni hits the bowl out of his hand and it falls to the ground.
He asks why and she says the dessert is too salty.
Misha is standing outside the room and watching them.
Kritika is watching Misha.
Misha tastes her own dessert and says it’s very tasty and she wonders why Roshni would lie.
Kritika smiles because her plan is working.
Simran who is behind them, acts really hurt and walks away.
Misha concludes Roshni must have hurt her feelings.
Sid tastes Roshni’s dessert and agrees it is salty.
Shiv tells grandmother that Yash’s sister and her husband died in an accident.
Grandmother is shocked.
He tells her that Mona doesn’t want DD to know yet so it doesn’t affect her performance at the award ceremony.
Kesar mixes the drug in a cup of tea and takes to DD in her office.
She drinks it.
She calls the award organisers to let them know that she would attend the ceremony.
DD and her mother arrive at the venue for the award ceremony and she is informed by one of the organisers that Sid is also a guest of honour.
Sid arrives and tells DD he’s glad to be honoring her.
DD and Sid go on stage.
She signals to Kesar that she is thirsty.
He puts another pill inside her drink and takes to her.
DD is called to the podium but she staggers.
Sid helps her up and she falls as she starts giving her speech.
Kesar panics.
DD tries again and almost falls.
Sid and Shiv take her out of the hall.
Some reporters make some snide remark and Roshni goes to tell them DD worked really hard to get to where she is today.
Grandmother, Sid and Shiv are outside the hall.
One of the organisers tells the crowd is beginning to spread gossip about DD and he doesn’t know what to do.
Sid suggests Shiv, her husband, gives the speech.
Grandmother tells Sid that what he’s suggesting is not right.
Sid says it’s the only way to save DD’s reputation.
Kritika enters Misha’s room and sees her getting ready to go out.
She complains that Sid is still spending a lot of time with Roshni and her family, even as Misha is around.
Misha tells her she’s interfering too much.
Simran sees them and asks if everything is alright.
Mishal says she has to go.
Kritika tells Simran that she is now thinking they made a mistake with Misha.
Shiv gives the speech.
He talks glowingly about DD and talks about how he left the family with her and she took care of them all.
He says he’s lucky to have her as his wife.
DD comes back into the hall but Roshni tries to stop her from going on stage.
Sid sends Shiv a text.
Shiv reads it and goes to DD.
He lifts her off her feet and carries her to the podium.
He tells everyone he’s honoured she’s his wife.
The award is presented to DD who is still looking drunk.
At home, Roshni tells her father that she wishes DD heard his speech.
Shiv leaves them and Roshni offers to cook for Sid.
Sid gets a call from Misha and rushes off.
Roshni asks herself what’s so special about Misha.

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