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Zee World Movie: Love Oh Love – Season 1 Episode 1


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The episode starts with Bhavna performing Pooja and bathes goddess with milk. After the Pooja, she does the preparation for Shastri ji and instructing her house helps to make preparations according to the priest Shastri ji’s favorite vegetable. She tells a worker to put on the bed straight as Shastri ji likes sitting straight. Dada ji comes (Avni’s mother’s father in-law) and gives her blessings. He comes and sits on the sofa.
Bhavna brings him water. Bhavna father in-law takes the newspaper to read and he sees that Akshat’s photo is on the front page. He tells to see how her son has made the family proud again. Bhavna says that she is amazed and proud of her son. Dada ji asks Bhavna where Akshat is and his son ( Bhavna’s husband), Bhavna says they may be coming in some time. Just then, a car enters the gate and comes in. Bhavna says that they must have come. Akshat and his father come. As they come in, they wash their hands with a royal jar after entering the doorstep. They pray to god and then take blessings form their elders. Dadaji praises Akshat for making good prosperity in business and making the family proud. Dadaji asks his son that what does he say about it? Akshat’s father says that he is also proud of it. Dada ji says now they are thinking of giving a helping person to Akshat. Bhavna declares that she had asked Shastri Ji to find some prospective brides for her son Akshat. He gets sad hearing this and then changes his expression. Bhavna asks him what types of girl he wants? He tells them that it is their choice and what they feel right can be done. He says that he has to take a call and he goes but is sad.

Dada ji asks Bhavna where Avni is, Bhavna tells him that Avni is on the terrace and that since night she did not sleep and she has been doing some work on the laptop and now she has gone on the terrace.

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On the terrace it is Avni and she is on the laptop finding some girls for her brother Akshat and is writing their details on a paper.

She gets a call from her friend, Devika and she asks her if she has completed the work of finding details of girls for Akshat. Avni says yes and Devika tells her that in all this work she must not forget that there is music concert and she has to come. Avni tells her that she has to take permission and her mother and father will not allow her. Devika tells her to please come. Akshat comes on the terrace talking on the phone to someone and Avni looks at him and says that she has got an idea and keeps the phone down. Akshat keeps the phone. Avni goes and to make him impress, she tells him that he is very good, intelligent and handsome and so she is finding girls for him. Akshat asks her what does she want?
She says nothing and then he again asks what does she want? She tells him that she wants to go to music concert. He gets a call and he tells her to go and he will talk later. Akshat is talking to his girlfriend that he wants to marry her but he can’t tell his parents about this.

Avni goes to her mother and tells that she will help her today as she did a lot of work. Her mother smiles and asks what she wants? Avni says nothing and then she tells her indirectly that she does not care if she does not send her on concert and she does not care however it may be good and she wants to go but she will help her. She says she wants to go to the concert then Bhavna refuses and Avni says she wants to go as Devika is with her and she will do all the work that she tells her to, Avni hugs her and tells her to please allow her to go and then she says okay and Bhavna tells her about Shastri ji coming for Akshat. She informs her that Buah is also coming and without her they can’t choose the right girl. Buah comes, she sits and Shastri also comes. They sit to choose the girls and Buah goes on rejecting all and Shastri is shocked. After the selection, Shastri tells her that out of 500 pictures she only selected 5 girls. Buah says that she selected them only because he brought with so much hardwork or else they also look okay. Bhavna’s daughter Avni and sister-in-law Saawri get overjoyed to find eligible girls for Akshat Buah tells him that she has to go as she has to do inauguration at a tank. Buah goes. Bhavna and Avni go to the Krishna temple. Bhavna meets a Sadhu. She then gives him the red saree for godess and Kurta for god and Sadhu takes it in and gives them the Prasad. He goes for some other thing. Avni asks Bhavan how her and her father’s love story start. Avni asks that after marriage when did they both fall in love with each other? Bhavna tells her daughter that after 2 months of marriage the whole family had gone for a picnic and they were playing cricket and she shouted ball and then he looked at her and missed the catch and they fell in love. Avni gets happy and expresses of how much romantic it must have been. The Sadhu comes and tells them that today is lord krishna’s birthday and that lord Krishna meets every person to their love and he does meet that person with the right man or woman. Behind a car comes and Raj enters.

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Raj comes out of the car and looks at the temple and smiles. Raj visits the Radha-Krishna temple with his elder sister. Avni is there with Bhavna. From inside the temple the toli of lord Krishna is taken. They all come out.
All the women go on one side and all come and walk behind the toli. There are dancers and they are enjoying and are celebrating with colors and are dancing. Suddenly an old man feels some weakness and he coughs a little and his hands are about to slip and the toli becomes a little slant and is going to fall. Everyone are scared and Avni and Bhavna also.
Raj comes and saves the toli from falling and he picks it up. Everyone one then bend down to show respect to the lord Krishna. Avni’s earrings fall down so she picks it up to wear it and she alone stands and is wearing the earring. Raj sees Avni there, he smiles and gets mesmerized by her innocence and beauty. Avni goes to look at him in order to look who had helped in saving the toli, when Bhavna tells her to bend down to pray to the lord. After praying everyone get up and Avni tries to look at the man who did save the toli but is not able to as there are a lot of people dancing there. Raj is also trying to look at Avni but is not able to. The old man comes and tells him that he will pick it up. Raj gives it to him and then goes to meet Avni but Avni and Bhavna have already left. Raj goes but he does not find them. Raj’s sister comes and she asks him where did he go now and starts talking non stop and tells him that she is very happy today as it is her 6th anniversary and she is very happy to have such a husband. She starts telling him their love story and tells that she was in love with him since college time and their parents made their relationship stronger and they did love marriage. Raj is not listening and is still looking for Avni.

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