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Zee World Movie: Love Oh Love – Season 1 Episode 2


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Their driver who is there standing with the laddoos gives them those plates and those gifts brought for the god. Raj’s sister takes it and tells Raj to take it. Raj takes it and they both go in the temple. They give those plates to the Sadhu and he puts the laddoos there.

After that the Sadhu picks some laddoos and gives to Raj and his sister as Prasad, Raj looks at the laddoo and then remembers that Avni had those laddoos in her hand. He eats the laddo and asks for another one and the Sadhu gives him and tells him that may lord always bless him and give him his love and also asks him that he only saved the toli today.

Raj turns behind and he then sees Avni and Bhavna standing at the well side. He goes there running but then Bhavna and Avni have gone. He thinks that they are not even here and where did she go? He gets down the stairs and sits beside a man sitting there. Up there Bhavna gives Avni money and tells her to give it to the poor people sitting there. Avni goes chance by chance and gives money to everyone. Raj sitting there hears the sound of Avni’s payals and he looks at her. avni comes and puts a note of 50rupes in his hand. Raj gets up and he looks at her and is smiling continuously and is lost in her beauty. Avni looks at him and apologizes to him and then is taking the note back but Raj is so lost that he has caught the note and is not leaving it, Avni is pulling it but Raj is not leaving it. Behind Bhavna is in the car and she calls Avni and tells her to come fast. Avni leaves the note and leaves. Raj then smiles and he looks down and finds out that Avni has dropped one of her payal ( anklets ). He picks it up and runs behind where Avni is standing outside the door of the car. He shouts and tells that her payal ( anklets ) is there and he runs towards the car but Avni looks at him and sits in the car. Then they go. Raj stops in between and looks at the payal, he smiles and keeps it safely. Behind sis comes and asks why was he running behind the car. Raj tells that it was some friend. His sister tells him that now they have to go home and they also go.

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At home Bhavna goes and gives Dada ji Prasad. Dadaji shows a photo to Bhavna and tells that this is his best friend. Bhavna tells they will also call him for pooja and in this way they can also meet him. Dadaji says he will not come because he is sad from himself as his son did love marriage and his family name was spoiled in his religion. He tells that he is very sad about it. Dada ji then says that it is good their children are not like this. Bhavna agrees and says that Akshat will marry that girl whom they will choose. Aksaht who is on the stairs overhears Bhavna and Dada ji’s conversation about his marriage and gets worried.

Devika has come and in Avni’s room, Devika tells her if she ask about the music concert, Avni says no and tells Devika to help her ask. Devika decline as she is scared from her mother. At Raj’s house, Raj is still looking at the 50 rupee note and the payal. He remembers Avni’s face. Raj’s sister tells him to take a photo of them both as mother wants to see their latest picture. She sits to take a photo and after that she tells him to go and bath as he is all wet with sweat. Raj says okay and he before going he hugs her. His sister asks why does he do mischief as all sweat comes on her and she tells him to go.
Raj goes. Raj is in his room, he sleeps on the bed and is thinking of Avni. He tells himself that he will keep the payal safe and he opens the drawer and opens his watch case and keeps the payal in it. He removes his wallet and removes the 50 rupee note, he looks at it and smiles and keeps it on the table beside the bed and keeps the 50 rupee note on the table. He goes to take a bath. On the other hand Avni goes in Bhavna’s room and asks if she can go to music concert? Bhavna says no and asks why didn’t she tell her before that the concert is at Ajmer which is 40km away from their house. Bhavna says no and so Avni call Devika in but Devika is scared, Avni call her many times and Devika comes. Avni tells her to tell that she will be there and let her come? But Devika does not ask as she is scared.
Bhavna tells Avni that she will not go and it is too far. They all go down. To change the topic Devika asks Bhavna if she can teach her to make Daal Baati as there is a competition and her mother told her to learn it from Bhavna aunty as she knows well. Bhavna tells her that it is 5:30 and she has to go and prepare.
Bhavna goes in the kitchen. Avni asks Devika why did she ask about this Daal Baati when they were talking of taking permission. Devika tells that she had a competition so she asked. Devika asks Avni how did Bhavna aunty get to know that it is 5:30 without looking at the watch. Avni smiles and tells her that the 5:30 story of her mother and father is very different and Avni tells Devika to see it by herself. Avni and Devika look in the kitchen as Bhavna is making special tea for her husband. They see and Avni is smiling while Devika is thinking what is so special in this. A car sound comes and Avni takes Devika behind the stairs and she tells her to see next. Avni’s father comes in and he sits and Narayan the servant washes his hands from the jar. Avni’s father sits down on sofa. He removes the coat and gives to Bhavna and Bhavna gives him tea.
Bhavna’s husband takes sip of tea and he
smiles and looks at Bhavna and Bhavna also smiles. Avni who is looking smiles too. Bhavna sees a food stain on her husband’s shirt and asks him that he did have food in a hurry today also? He says yes. Devika pulls Avni outside and they both go in the garden. Avni tells Devika that she is very obsessed with love and she likes her mother and father’s couple a lot and even their love story. She says that she loves the word ‘Love’ and that she also wants such a person in her life who loves her a lot. At home Raj comes out from bath and wears a pink shirt because Avni had worn a pink dress. He looks at the table and does not find the 50 rupee note.

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Akshat removed his wallet and looking at his girlfriend’s photo with whom he wants to marry. He takes the photo and Buah calls him and says he must be watching a girl’s photo, he says no, Buah says she knows as he has come home earlier than his father and must have been thinking that he will spend sometime with the girl he likes by looking at her picture. He deny that there is nothing like this. While talking Buah goes in her room and is in front of the mirror and she shouts suddenly. Akshat asks what happened, she sees that there is a white hair on her hair and she says white hair, Akshat asks is there a white hair on her head? She says no and tells him that there is no white hair but it was just a cockroach and she says in a hurry that she keep the phone and after keeping the phone she looks at her white hair and gets sad.

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