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Zee World Movie: Love Oh Love – Season 1 Episode 5


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Buah sits on the sofa and is thinking she has seen Arpita somewhere, her father in-law comes and is talking with a man named Sanjay, he tells him that he does not want to do the deal with that man as he does not want to get duped again as he was duped 6 years ago on this name that they both were best friends. Bau ji(father in-law of Buah) tells Sanjay that he will go and tell them no for the deal, Buah listens to this and tell her to make tea and send it in his room, Buah says okay. Buah asks Sanjay what is that person’s name who duped Bau ji, Sanjay says he is Manish Sharma and he goes, Buah thinks and remembers and says to herself that yes and that Arpita is the daughter of Manish Sharma and she had seen her 6 years ago. She says to herself that her father had duped her family and she will not allow this relation to happen with Akshat.

Avni and Devika go on their table and set everything there. Devika asks Avni what if they lose then? Avni tells her that they will not, Devika tells okay and then says that the girl that Akshat got is very beautiful and Avni says yes, Devika then asks if a boy that is very handsome comes today and asks her that, “can she ask her a question? And ask if she will marry her ,then, Avni tells her to shut up and suddenly Devika remembers that she did not bring the plates and tells her that she will bring it now and Devika goes. Avni looks at her and smiles and says to herself that this girl is so mad and that she always talks about love and not something else and sometimes asks her question like if a person meet her and says can she asks her a……from behind suddenly a man calls Avni and says can he ask her a question?, Avni turns and gets anxious and when she turns it is Raj and Raj gets stunned to see Avni and Raj is also participates in the Dal- Bati competition. He gets lost in her beauty and is thinking of their meeting at the temple and how beautiful she is? Even Avni remembers that he was that man who was running behind their car that day. She asks him if he was the man who was running behind their car, Raj is still looking at her and smiling and even Avni is looking at him, Devika comes and says what is happening and she asks Raj that what happened and then she sees that even he has worn the batch of a contestant and says that he is a contestant and go on his table and then she asks him that he is a man and why is he here in this competition, Raj tells that this competition was kept for club members children and what can he do if all the club members have only daughters. Avni is looking at him and it seems on her face that she likes the way he talks.

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Then they go on their tables and both their tables are beside each other. They are preparing as competition is about to start, Avni and Devika are preparing and Raj is looking at Avni, Avni looks at him and again does her work and Avni looks at him again and then asks doesn’t he want to prepare, Raj says he does not know anything and he did not even prepare at home once and he does not even have a helper so Raj asks Avni help in making Dal Bati. Devika listens and goes to him and tells him that she has brought Avni with her so that she gets some help and not for him and she asks why is he asking her help if he does not know her, Raj tells devika that they know each other and Devika asks Avni, Avni tells her in ears that she knows him as she had mistaken him to be a beggar and given him 5o rupees, Raj begs Avni to please make her friend understand and he needs help, Devika says no and tells that she will not send Avni for help, Avni tells her slowly to please let her help him and in this way her guiltiness will also go, Devika asks who will help her, Avni says she will help after she does some work for him. They go on their tables and the competition starts, Avni and Devika start doing the work and Raj is looking at Avni and smiling and has not started anything, Avni looks at him and asks why isn’t he doing anything and what is he waiting for, he says for her and then says he means he is waiting for her help, Avni tells Devika she will help him and her together in between and she goes and starts making the dough. Raj is looking at Avni and is smiling and suddenly Avni’s hair comes down so she takes her hand and puts it behind and some wet dough is left on her hair, raj points out to her and avni asks what?, Raj takes some dough and puts on his hair and shows that this is on her hair, she removes it and asks why did they meet again, Raj says it’s their destinies, Avni smiles and makes the dough and tells him that she will go and help Devika and as she is going her dupatta gets stuck in a nail on the end of Raj’s table, Raj stops her and tells her to wait and he removes her dupatta from that nail, Avni sees behind and thanks him that this is her favorite dupatta and thanks for saving it. Raj tells her that the ‘thanks’ word does not suit her and only a smiles suits her, Avni smiles and goes to Devika’s table and helps her, Raj is still looking at her and smiling and is lost in her beauty.

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