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Zee World Movie: Love Oh Love – Season 1 Episode 6


Avni helps Devika and Raj in winning the Daal-Bati competition and when time is running out, adds in lemon juice and she misses same to do for Devika, and in the end Raj wins and gets overjoyed on being announced the winner. He wants to share his award with Avni on podium but pissed off Devika walks off with Avni. Raj looks for them but cannot find, he then meets up with his friend who then teases him about girl and comes to know that Raj never knew Avni name or anything.

Saawri visits Bhavna and tells her that Arpita’s father was involved in a fraudulent business deal years ago, while Avni who just enters house hears this and is worried about Akshat when Saawri declares that her nephew Akshat cannot marry Arpita and Babuji says he will think about it which makes Avni is very sad and she asks herself what Arpita has to do with any of it and has to suffer because of it, mean while Akshat gifts Avni a new mobile and is happily chatting about his soon to be wedding with someone. Avni then decides to do something for her brother and she scolds the cook for making a dish she don’t like and when Babuji asks her to cool down and to listen to the cook before scolding him, Avni apologize and says she is sorry for judging without knowing the whole truth and then Bauji leaves. She apologises to the cook and hopes Babuji thinks it in good manner and Babuji over hears this.

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Raj is sitting with his family and he is lost in Avni’s thoughts while his sister is biting on pizza and is arguing with her husband that she helped Raj in winning while he says she eats outside food, how can she help her brother, Raj was jolted back to reality and sees his friend enter the house and both head to their rooms, his friend tells him that girl’s name is Devika according to list while Raj says her name cannot be Devika and then tells him that she came as a helper.

Buaji thought a lot and that before taking the decision, they should ask Jamai’sa and then take the decision. Jamaisa ( Savri’s husband) comes down and Bauji ask Jamai Sa if he has any objection to Akshat and Arpita’s marriage and is Arpita okay for him, they all sit but Jamai Sa denies by saying he is happy for the both of them and says that he knows that 6 years before they had a loss in their family and had to suffer it but it was not Mr. Manish’s mistake as they are very good people and the mistake was one of their employee’s mistake and that man ran away. Savri gets sad and looks with expression like”she dont want this marriage to be done”, then Jamaisa tells that Agarwals family is very good and kind and they should tie Akshat and Arpita’s knot with each other then Savri asks why is he doing this? Jamaisa tells that they don’t need to put any grudge against them as they are good people, Buaji says okay and tells that they can do the relation. Everyone get happy and they smile and Akshat also smiles and is very happy from inside, Avni looks at him and smiles. While in the room Akshat is talking to Arpita and he tells her that everyone has says Yes and they have got each others love, Arpita gets happy and then Akshat says only Savri Buah was sad but she will also accept her, Arpita expresses her love for him and he also reciprocate that he love her too and they keep the phone down. in Avni’s room, while Avni is talking to Devika and tells her that she should have been there as Akshat was very happy when they declared of keeping the relation. Akshat comes in, Avni says she will talk later. Akshat asks how is her new phone? Avni says good, Akshat says okay and then he thank her for saving his relation with Arpita. She tells him thank you does not sound better in his mouth and only smile looks better on him, Akshat smiles and leaves. Avni thinks that since she has met that man she has starting saying all words which he says and Avni thinks of Raj in mind and is thinking how he saved her dupatta and the dough on her head and how sweetly he smiles. Then Avni smiles.

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