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Zee World Movie: Love Oh Love – Season 1 Episode 7


Meanwhile in the kitchen, Narayan kaka is very tensed, Avni comes in and sees him tensed and asks him why he is so tensed? Narayan tells her that next day is Sankranti and he had made til laddoos and those laddoos while heating got burnt, Avni says it is big problem and they should do something about it, Narayan suggests that they should wake Bhavna ji up, Avni decline and tells him that her mother is tired working the whole day and they should not wake her up, she gets an idea and she calls Arora caterers and talks with Raj’s brother in-law, she tells him that she needs 6 kilos of til laddoos tomorrow at 6am, Raj’s brother in-law refuses saying that they can’t do such a big order in one day, she requests him to do it and she will give extra charge but Raj’s brother in-law still decline her, at the same , Raj comes there and asks his brother in-law what is it, in which he replied that there is a girl who wants this much order next day at 6am, Raj tells him to say yes and they will do it, Raj’s brother in-law takes the phone when Avni thank him as she listens to their conversation on phone and give him the address and tells him to thank that boy who said yes, he keeps the phone down and tells Raj that the girl thanked him, he smiles and they go in the kitchen and start working. Next day morning, Avni who is sleeping on the sofa is waked by Narayan and then she asks if the laddos come, Narayan says no. Just then, the bell rings and the laddos have come and she thanks those boys, she takes the phone and calls them back. Raj’s brother in-law and Raj who have worked all night are tired and Raj’s Jiju tells Raj to tell the speaker that they will not take orders now as jiju is not at home. Raj’s brother in-law goes to sleep, Raj takes the call to talk to Avni and she thanks him. Raj tells her that it was their duty to make their customers happy as it is makar Sankranti day. He smiles and they keep each others phone and they both smile looking at the phone. After Raj helps Avni in making laddoos she starts having feelings for him.

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After sometime, the Khandelwal family get up and get ready. Later, the whole family are on the terrace and celebrates the festival of Makar Sankrati where Bauji invites Arpita to celebrate with them. They do the surya namaskar and come down and they pray to god in the mandir down. They all sit on the sofa, Jamaisa says that he has to go now to take his mother at the airport, Buaji suggests him to lets them fly the kites and there is still time for the flight to land, Jamaisa accepts and Buaji tells Akshat to tie the manja to the kites, they all go out,

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Avni and Bhavna are in the hall, and Avni looks at Bhavna packing some laddoos in a tiffin, she understands and tells to also give one kite to her too, Bhavna asks why? Avni tells that she knows that her mother is missing Abhaas brother and she is also and if they give him a kite, he will be happy, Bhavna tells her that she had talked with Abhaas some time ago and he is now in Jaisalmer and will be coming, Avni gets happy and tells that they will fly the kites time together, then they go out. Everyone is happy and are flying kites, Jamaisa tells that he must go now as the flight must have landed, Buaji agrees, Savri Buah tells her that she is also coming, Jamaisa says there is no need as they have to go to meet Arpita and she must also go. Then Jamaisa leaves. Avni tells her that she is very happy to meet her sister and that it will be so exciting, Savri tells that the girl is still not her sister in-law as they first have to see her behaviour and then her character and then choose her for Akshat. Buaji agrees with Savri that first he will ask her questions and if she answers all of them right then she will be declared the daughter in-law of their family. Avni gets a little tensed and looks at Akshat who is also tensed. In the room, Akshat talks with Arpita and tells her that they all are coming and Buaji will ask her some questions and she has to answer them properly and he tells her that if she does not understand the question then she should not look at him as Savri Buah always takes a chance and they will get to know that they already know each other. Arpita agree with him and says she love him and keeps the phone down.

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