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Twist Of Fate - Season 1 - Episode 22
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Abhi is in tears as Aliya talks.
She says if he doesn’t want to help his sister, then she will make a plan on her own; she just thought he’d be willing to do anything for her but it seems he’s not the brother she thought he was.
She thanks him for proving her wrong.
She leaves his room and Abhi bangs the door in anger and frustration.

Pragya and Bulbul lay in bed but they can’t sleep.
Pragya is thinking of Suresh.

Bulbul is thinking of Purab.
Both of them are heartbroken.

Bulbul leaves the room and goes to the living room.
She meets their grandmother and tells her she couldn’t sleep.
She asks Grandmother why she is always up late at night.
Grandmother tells her a joke about their grandfather.
Bulbul asks her why she is never serious.
Grandmother says she was serious when Bulbul’s father passed away and she saw how they also felt, so she decided to spread happiness and started being unserious.
Pragya listens from the doorway and smiles.

Abhi is thinking of what Aliya said to him about not being the brother she thought he was.
He remembers them as kids and how he has always protected her and fought people who made fun of her.
When he started making money, he bought her so many things and when she was going to Australia, he told her to come back in a year and marry Purab and she agreed.

He kisses her photograph then he goes to meet her on the balcony.
He say it’s all his fault; he told her not to think of anyone but Purab in Australia, so he has made up his mind that for her happiness, he will marry that woman if it will help her get Purab back.

Aliya gets up and hugs him, thanking him.
Abhi asks her what to tell Tanu.
Aliya says she will talk to Tanu and after a year, he can divorce the woman and marry Tanu; by this time she and Purab will be happily married, then they can put the woman where she belongs.
She thanks him and calls him her hero.

Sarla is still looking gloomy.
Purvi’s mother tells her to snap out of the mood.
Pragya brings her milk but Sarla doesn’t move.
Grandmother says her right eye is twitching and it means good news is coming

The matchmaker comes in and says she has good news; they need to start planning a wedding because the family she approached have accepted Pragya’s proposal.
Grandmother and Pragya are shocked.
Sarla comes back to life.

The matchmaker opens her arms to Pragya.
Pragya goes to meet her.
The matchmaker says this is the best match she ever made in her life.
Sarla asks if she showed them Pragya’s photo.
The matchmaker says she did and the family is a very rich family; among the rich and famous.

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Sarla is in tears, she tells Pragya that she always knew she would get the best husband.
She sees the look on Pragya’s face and asks if he’s happy.
Pragya says as long as Sarla is happy.

Tanu is upset with Aliya. She says she can’t allow Abhi marry someone else.
Aliya says Abhi can’t wait for a year because of their grandmother and it will be better Abhi marries this girl than another one who is more beautiful.
She begs Tanu to just allow him and when her contract is over, she can marry him.
She shows her Pragya’s photo and asks her if she thinks she’s a competition for her; with a girl like that, she can feel safe and with what the girl has done, Abhi will always hate her.
She says it’s only a matter of a year and she should actually be convincing Abhi to do it.

Abhi is in his car. He sees two young boys argue over ice cream and he thinks of him and Purab as kids who shared their ice-cream and didn’t fight.
He says Purab betrayed him but he won’t let the little boys break their friendship.
He decides to come down and talk to them not to argue but to share.

He gets out of his car but Pragya goes up to the boys first and tells them not to fight but to share.
She doesn’t see his face but he sees her.
She leaves in a taxi and Abhi tells himself that she’s a nice girl but she has created a rift between him and his best friend, so he hates her.

Pragya sees Purab near her house and he begs her to help him talk to Bulbul.
Pragya says she can’t really talk right now as her family is going through a lot; they got a family to accept her marriage proposal and she doesn’t want anything to go wrong because of her mother.
She begs him to please go and not spoil things for her.

Aliya is watching from the car.
When Pragya walks away, she tells herself that her grandmother showed interest in her and now she is showing her true colours.

Tanu is at the house with Abhi.
He tells her that he doesn’t have a choice but to marry the girl his grandmother has chosen.
She says she understands.

Aliya returns home and goes to inform their grandmother that she has convinced Abhi to get married to the woman she chose.
Grandmother asks if she’s serious.

They go to meet Abhi and he confirms it.
Grandmother thanks him and says he’s made her so happy.

Aliya silently vows to make Pragya suffer when she marries Abhi.

Bulbul is in the room all by herself. She complains that Pragya does everything for her; she even cleaned the room.
Pragya enters the room looking worried.
Bulbul rushes to her.
Pragya begs Bulbul to go and talk to Purab; she has a strong feeling he’s not lying and he keeps hanging around their house.
She says she doesn’t want him to get the neighbours spreading rumours that can become a problem for them and their mother.
Bulbul says she doesn’t want to go because whenever she thinks of him, she remembers that girl.

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Abhi’s grandmother and Aliya come to visit Pragya’s family.
Sarla and her family are shocked when they see them.

The matchmaker introduces Sarla and family to Abhi’s grandmother and Aliya.
Sarla who was caught unawares explains that they were cleaning the house.
She packs the clothes on the couch away and asks if they will like to have some tea.
Abhi’s grandmother tells her not to trouble herself with formalities; she wants them to talk first, then they can have the tea later.
Pragya’s grandmother asks Abhi’s grandmother for the boy’s name and what he does and how much he earns.
Abhi’s grandmother says he earns a lot and can take care of Pragya’s needs.
Pragya’s grandmother again asks how much he makes.
Abhi’s grandmother says he makes between 1.5 to 2 million.
Pragya grandmother says that’s a lot of money for an annual salary.
Aliya says Abhi makes that in a day.
Pragya’s grandmother and Sarla are shocked.
Abhi’s grandmother tells them to get Pragya.
Abhi’s grandmother says his his name is Abhishek Prem and he’s a famous singer.
Pragya’s grandmother says she has never heard of him.

Sarla enters the room and begs Pragya to put on a green dress in the back of her wardrobe.
She says the suitor is from a wealthy home.
Sarla looks at Bulbul and Bulbul tells her not to worry; she won’t come out and ruin her sister’s engagement.
Sarla hugs and thanks her, then goes back to the living room.

Pragya comes out and greets Abhi’s grandmother.
Abhi’s grandmother says his real name is Abhi, the rock star.
Sarla and family are shocked.
Pragya is dazed.
Abhi’s grandmother says she chose Pragya for Abhi the first time she saw her.

Bulbul’s phone starts to ring and it’s Purab.
Aliya sees it and tries to maintain her composure.
Pragya sends Purvi to take the phone to Bulbul.

Abhi’s grandmother says people don’t understand Abhi but he’s a nice man.

Pragya tells Sarla that she wants to see her inside.

Bulbul gets a message from Purab saying that he’s coming over.
She panics and tells herself that he can’t come when Pragya’s suitor’s family is around
She leaves him a voicemail not to come as she will come and see him now.
She decides to sneak out the back door so the suitor’s family members don’t see her.

Pragya tells Sarla that Abhi is wealthy and she would have been more comfortable if he was middle class.
Sarla says she hasn’t accepted the proposal yet but Abhi’s grandmother seems like a very nice person.
Pragya says she’s very nice but the family is not.

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They turn to see Abhi’s grandmother by the door.
She apologises for coming into the room without permission but says she wants to say something.
She says they might just be wondering why she brought Abhi’s proposal; he’s famous and very well known but he was brought up in an ordinary family; there was a time they hardly made any money and that’s the reason she wants him to marry Pragya.
She says Pragya is someone who can shower him with love and happiness.
Abhi sings about love but she wants someone who will love him without any conditions.
She swears Abhi in a very nice and decent man who just needs someone who will understand him.

Aliya is wondering what her grandmother is doing inside.
She looks around the house and wonders how anyone will live in it and how Purab could have fallen for such a girl who lives here.
She moves towards the window.

Purvi gushes to grandmother that they used to watch Abhi on TV but now they will be related to him.
Aliya tries to hide her irritation.

Sarla tells Abhi’s grandmother that she is happy about the proposal; her family is lucky to have an elder like her and she won’t hesitate to accept the proposal.

Pragya comes out still in a daze.
Abhi’s grandmother blesses her and they leave.

Purvi gushes to Pragya about Abhi..
Pragya tells herself that something is wrong with the proposal and she doesn’t like it.

Pragya’s grandmother nods farewell to Abhi’s grandmother outside.

Rachna sees them and wonders what Akash’s grandmother is doing with Bulbul’s grandmother.

Pami and her daughter in law are ready to go out.
They leave and Pragya rushes into the house.

She tells the help that she needs to see Abhi.
He tells her he’s in his room.

Abhi is in his room with Tanu. He tells her that the woman will be his wife but he will treat her like a maid after marriage
They hear footsteps and Tanu hides, thinking it’s his grandmother.

Abhi sees Pragya and asks if she has come to thank him.
Pragya says she came to tell him she can’t marry him; he has never spoken to her with respect and they have nothing in common.
She says they’ve bumped into each other so many times and maybe it’s a sign to tell them they are not meant to be together, even though their birth charts match.
She says she couldn’t tell his grandmother because she didn’t want to disappoint her; maybe he can do it himself but she simply can’t marry him.
She turns around and walks away.
Tanu comes out of hiding and all who on earth was she to turn Abhi down


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