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Zee World Movies: Twist Of Fate – Season 1 Episode 23 – Stories


Aliya and her grandmother return home.
Aliya complains that they should have been home since but for Grandmother who wanted to stop at the jewelry shop.

As they are about to get out of the car, Grandmother sees Pragya and points her out to Aliya.
Aliya says she didn’t see her and Grandmother is probably dreaming of her since she likes her so much.

Bulbul meets Purab on the street.
Purab asks her why she doesn’t want to listen to him.
Bulbul says she heard all he told the other woman and right now, a lot is going on in her life.
He tries to plead with her but Bulbul tells him not to call or message her again.
She leaves him and Purab looks like he is about to cry.

Aliya gets inside the house and Abhi tells her that Pragya came and she rejected his proposal.
He says she should have seen the girl’s attitude; he doesn’t understand.
Aliya says it might have been a game plan.

Abhi says it seems she truly loves Purab and is not interested in his money.
Tanu tells him to relax and find out why she rejected him.
Aliya says she wants them to believe she doesn’t want their money but it’s all a ploy to make them believe she is a good girl.
She tells Abhi not to tell their grandmother that she refused to marry him.

Grandmother enters and tells Abhi that he’s so lucky to be marrying a very nice girl who is sensible and cultured.

Tanu and Aliya excuse them.

Grandmother tells Abhi that the girl and her family are very nice and she has to plan the wedding right away.

Abhi asks himself what Pragya wants.

He decides to find out.

Bulbul gets home and Purvi tells her that the engagement is on and Pragya will be marrying Abhi the rockstar
Bulbul is surprised and not too happy about the news.

Pragya enters the house and says the wedding is not happening as she rejected the proposal.
Purvi says Pragya didn’t do well.
Bulbul tells Pragya that she did the right thing to reject the proposal; she knows the family and they are not nice people.
Pragya says she can’t marry him.
Sarla enters the room and asks Pragya why she would reject such a proposal; his grandmother came all the way and they are a decent family.
Bulbul says Pragya made the right decision; she knows the family and something is wrong.
Sarla says she will slap her if she keeps talking.

Sarla breaks down, asking Pragya why she doesn’t want to get married.
Pragya begs her to not stress herself because the doctor said it’s not good for her health.
Sarla says she doesn’t understand why something always goes wrong and Pragya doesn’t want to get married when all her mates are married.
She gets hysterical then holds her head and slumps on the ground.

Bulbul and Pragya rush to her.

The doctor comes to attend to Sarla. She warns that this is the second time she is fainting and if it happens a third time, it might have dire consequences.

Sarla wakes up and apologises to Pragya for shouting at her. She says she always dreamt about her wedding and how she will be happy; when she saw Abhi’s grandmother, she felt her dreams were to come through.
She says Abhi made mistakes but it’s what siblings do, he stood up for his brother Akash and Pragya will do same for Bulbul.
Sarla says she believed his grandmother when she said sAbhi is a very good person.

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Pragya says she has realised she’s at fault and she will correct her mistake and make it right.
She hugs her mother.
Bulbul watches them from the window, confused.

Abhi is a driving and thinking about all Aliya said; Pragya just wants his money.

Bulbul asks Pragya why she is going to marry Abhi when she doesn’t love him.
Pragya says she received a proposal from the nicest family, his grandmother is really nice and Bulbul always said the person who marries Abhi will be very lucky.
Bulbul says she can see through Pragya.
Pragya says she is doing it for their mother to be content, she has made so many sacrifices for them and now it’s their turn; she is not planning on falling in love again, so she can marry Abhi and their mother will be happy.
Bulbul hugs her and Pragya says anytime Bulbul sees their mother is happy, then she should know she is also happy with her husband.

Bulbul reminds her that she rejected the proposal.
Pragya says she will do whatever it takes.

Their grandmother calls Pragya to come and see all the gifts her suitor’s family sent to them.

Pragya enters the living room and sees loads of gifts.
Grandmother tells her to try one of the necklaces.
Pragya says she wants to go and see her mother.
Grandmother puts it on her neck anyways.

Purvi runs into Rachna on her way out.
Rachna asks her what Akash’s family came to do at their place.
Purvi says Abhi sent Pragya a marriage proposal.

Madvhi thinks to herself that despite what Akash’s family did to Rachna, Pragya wants to marry into the same family.

Grandmother and Purvi’s mother follow Pragya to the room to see Sarla.
Sarla asks Pragya who gave her the necklace.
Grandmother says it was sent by Abhi’s grandmother.

Purvi rushes into the room to tell them that Abhi is there.

Abhi is in the living room, looking around. He turns and sees Pragya and she has on the necklace.
She tells him that she was about to come and see him; she said all those things because she was angry and she wanted to come and ask for forgiveness.
He asks if his grandmother gave her the necklace.
Pragya says she did and sent so many gifts.

Abhi thinks to himself that Aliya was right and Pragya just wanted money.

Pragya’s Grandmother attends to Abhi and makes him sit down.
Purvi rushes in with a pen and Abhi’s CDs, begging for an autograph.
Grandmother tells her to hold on, since Abhi will be married to Pragya, she can get it later.
Abhi calls Purvi back and asks for her name.
She tells him and he signs her CDs.
Pragya is watching him.

Sarla comes out to greet him and he greets her the respectful and traditional way, touching her feet.
Pragya seems impressed.
Abhi asks Sarla if she’s okay because he heard she’s not feeling well.
Sarla says she’s fine now.
He tells her to please sit down.
Sarla asks why his grandmother didn’t come with him.
Abhi says she wanted to but she was busy and sent her apologies.
Sarla says she sent them so many gifts and didn’t have to because her blessing is enough.
Abhi says he didn’t know about it. He says he has to be on his way.
Sarla says he can’t leave like that.
She tells Pragya to go and get him tea and some snacks.
Abhi insists he’s okay but Sarla tells him to have a seat.

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Bulbul is in the room, brooding.
Purvi asks her why she hasn’t come out to see Abhi who she has always loved.
bulbul says she’s not interested in meeting him.

Sarla tells Abhi that he is a lovely person, just as his grandmother said.
Pragya brings the tea.
Grandmother gives Sarla a signal and they leave.

Pragya asks Abhi if he has forgiven her for what she said and what she did the other day.
He walks up to her and says what if he doesn’t.

A worker from the hall comes to beg Pragya to join him and help with the decoration of the wedding hall.
Pragya says she will be on her way soon.
Purvi tells Pragya not to worry, she will help him.

Purvi carries a tray of red powder and the fan blows it all over Pragya and Abhi.

Pragya’s grandmother tells Sarla that Abhi is their first time guest and he can’t leave without a gift.
Sarla asks what she will give him.
Grandmother suggests money.
Sarla asks how she will give such a person money.
Grandmother says they can give him anything and he will accept it.

Abhi is given a towel to wipe his face while Pragya is still covered in the red powder.
Sarla comes out and offers him money.
He tells her it’s not necessary.
She says he has to collect it as it’s tradition.
He takes it and a coin falls out, he picks it up then tells them goodbye.

When he gets outside, he sees two boys arguing and he gives one of them the money Sarla gave him.
He seems disappointed in Pragya.
As he drives off, Madvhi sees him.

Madvhi enters the house and tells Pragya that neighbours come before relatives to congratulate them.
She says she heard that Abhi sent her a marriage proposal and she what’s to know what Pragya’s response was.
Pragya begs her to keep her voice down because she doesn’t want her mother to hear and get upset.
Madvhi says so she accepted the proposal after what they did to Rachna and how they mistreated Suresh. She says she feels everything happens for a reason and she was never good enough for Suresh.
Bulbul tells her that it was Suresh who mistreated Pragya.
Pragya tells Bulbul to stop. She tells Madvhi that she has a right complain about her but she needs to understand their own situation too.
She begs her to please leave.

Abhi’s grandmother is on the phone telling people about Abhi’s upcoming wedding.
Aliya sees her and gets upset that she hasn’t even confirmed anything and already inviting people. She collects the phone and says what if she’s sick and stuck in bed, does she think Abhi will bget married then.
Grandmother say she just wants to let people know.
Aliya says until the wedding date is fixed, she can’t tell people anything.
She tells grandmother to go to her room and rest.

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Abhi comes back home and Aliya asks where he has been.
He says she’s right; Pragya only wanted his money and changed her mind after grandmother sent her a necklace.
He says he went to visit her and before he even said anything, she agreed to marry him.
Aliya is surprised.
Abhi says he was going to marry her because of Aliya but now he will marry her for revenge; he will reject her every day after the wedding and he will destroy her.

Aliya says she always knew but now they have to find a way to deal with Purab so he doesn’t know what their plans are.
Abhi says he will send Purab out of town for a few days.
Aliya says now they need to make the wedding happen in a matter of days.

Aliya comes to visit Pragya’s family. She sees Suresh outside and begs him to help her carry the gifts inside
He collects them before knowing the house she is taking them to.

Sarla sees the gifts but they are covering Suresh’s face, so she doesn’t know he’s the one.
Aliya tells her that she is thinking they should have the engagement tomorrow and the wedding in 3 days.
Sarla says they won’t have enough time to prepare.
Aliya says their grandmother is not feeling too well so they want to hurry up with the arrangement but Sarla shouldn’t worry as they will handle everything.

She asks for Pragya and Sarla tells her that Pragya has gone out.
She gives Sarla an envelope for Pragya and tells her to open it.
Sarla sees it’s money.
Aliya says it’s not much money, just 50000 and it’s a gift just as Sarla gave Abhi.

Aliya says goodbye and leaves.

Suresh places the gifts on the table and Sarla is shocked to see him.
She asks him what he’s doing there.
Suresh says Aliya asked him to help.
Bulbul asks if he’s spying on them. She asks if he wants to know how Pragya is doing after he cheated her; thanks to him, a new family has come to ask for her hand in marriage and the guy is everything Suresh will never be.
Purvi adds that the person Pragya is marrying is not just wealthy, he’s really nice and he’s Abhi the Rockstar.

Suresh says he’s happy for her. He tells Sarla that if she needs his help, she shouldn’t hesitate to call on him.
Sarla says he’s been helping all these years but not anymore.
Bulbul says he can help if he wants, a lot of big names will be at the wedding so he can help fix the lamppost and gardens but he can’t help inside the house.
She says they don’t allow liars and cheats in their house.


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