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Zee World Movies: Twist Of Fate – Season 1 Episode 24 – Stories


Pragya meets Suresh as he’s leaving her house.
He says he hopes she’s happy as she’s getting married.
She says she’s not getting her hopes up but she’s happy for her family as well as herself because Abhi is from a decent family.
He tells her ‘Congratulations’, and they shake hands.
She thanks him and goes into the house.

Aliya lies to her grandmother that Pragya’s family says they want the engagement tomorrow and the wedding 3 days after.
Grandmother asks if it’s not too soon.
Aliya says Sarla is not feeling well, that’s why the want it done early but if grandmother doesn’t want, she will call Pragya’s family and cancel.
Grandmother says, in that case, they will do it.
She asks Aliya why she is so interested in the marriage all of a sudden.
Aliya says she cares about her grandmother’s health and wants her to stop worrying.

Aliya goes to Abhi to tell him that her job is done and he will be getting engaged tomorrow.
She asks if he has handled Purab.
Abhi says Purab will be getting a call from his uncle and he will have to leave town.

Purab gets a call from his uncle telling him to come over because his aunt is not feeling well.
Purab says he will come down right away.

Abhi tells Aliya that he told Purab’s uncle to lie so as to get Purab out of town.

Sarla asks Pragya what she will wear for the engagement.
Pragya says she has so many dresses.
Sarla says she will not wear any of her old dresses, so they don’t bring her bad luck.
Pragya says she will wear anything Sarla wants her to wear.

Purvi asks Bulbul what she will wear and Bulbul says she has things to do.
Pragya tells her not to even think about not attending the engagement; Bulbul is her sister and gives her all the encouragement she needs to face any situation and she needs her there.
Bulbul hugs her in tears then she goes to assure Sarla that she will wear something that isn’t fancy to the engagement, so as not to attract attention to herself.

Pragya asks her mother if she invited Kabir and Sweety to the wedding.
Sarla says they called to say they can’t make it.

Abhi’s house is being decorated.
Pami complains to her family that Abhi and his grandmother didn’t involve them in the wedding plans and they don’t even know who the bride is.

On the morning of the engagement, Aliya calls Tanu.
Tanu says she’s bored and wants to attend the engagement.
Aliya tells her to come so they can make fun of Pragya.

Pragya and her family arrive at Abhi’s house for the engagement.
Pami sees them and asks if they have come to cause trouble. She orders them to turn around and leave.

Aliya approaches them and Pami tells her that Pragya was the one who ruined Akash’s engagement.
Aliya informs her that Pragya is Abhi’s bride to be.
Pami is shocked.

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Aliya invites Pragya and family inside then takes them to her grandmother.

Grandmother is happy to see them.
She tells them that she wants to introduce Pragya to her relatives.

Pami’s daughter in law complains about Pragya.
Pami says what they are doing is an insult to them.

She goes to pull Grandmother aside and asks her if she knows what Pragya did to the family.
Grandmother says she knows everything and Pragya was only defending Rachna whom Akash had wronged.
Pami says marrying her into the family will be an insult to their status.
Grandmother reminds her that they were all middle class before Abhi made money.

Abhi watches Pragya from the balcony upstairs.
Aliya approaches him and asks why he’s so serious. She tells him that all the guests will be laughing at him for marrying such a simple girl.
Abhi says he wonders what Purab saw in her.

Tanu joins them and congratulates him.
He takes her aside and blames her for what he is about to do.
Tanu reminds him that he’s doing it for Aliya.
He says all Pragya wants is money and he can’t believe it.
Tanu tell him it’s just for a year.

Aliya introduces Pragya to Tanu.
Tanu says she likes her Sari and asks where she got it.
Pragya says there is a man who her family usually buys from.
Tanu tells Aliya that they should visit the man.
They are secretly making fun of her.

Grandmother drags Abhi, telling him to go and talk to Pragya.
He instructs Aliya to ensure nobody takes their photographs.
Grandmother asks why.
Abhi says Pragya’s family are simple people and may not want their photos in the papers.

They get to Pragya’s side and Abhi doesn’t know what to say to her.
Grandmother looks at him from a corner of the room and gives him a signal to talk to Pragya.

Abhi asks Pragya if she’s educated.
Pragya says she is.
He asks for her qualifications.
Pragya says she graduated with a degree in literature then, she has 2 masters degrees, she’s done some research and..
He tells her it’s enough and it’s a lot.
He asks which song of his she likes the best.
She says she doesn’t really know any; she borrowed the CD from Purvi but hasn’t listened to it.
He’s not happy that she hasn’t listened to his song.
He tells her he has a lot of songs like love.
She says she has heard ‘Happy Love.’

Aliya announces that the engagement is about to start.
She goes to Tanu and tells her to hand the ring to Abhi.
Tanu takes the ring to Abhi.
Abhi complains that he can’t believe he’s marrying such a girl.

He collects it and slips it on Pragya’s finger.
Bulbul gives Pragya the ring to slip on Abhi’s finger.
Everyone claps when it’s done.
Abhi stares at Pragya, trying to hold back his anger.

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Abhi’s grandmother congratulates Sarla.

Aliya asks Tanu what she thinks.
Tanu says she knows Abhi can never fall in love with someone like Pragya.

Aliya says Pragya is smiling now but will cry later.

Abhi’s grandmother welcomes Pragya to the family.
Abhi silently vows to make her stop smiling.

Aliya sees Bulbul and asks what she’s doing there.
Bulbul lies that she’s Pragya’s cousin who is already married with 2 kids.
Aliya says she remembers her from somewhere.
As she’s about to react, Tanu comes to call her and she walks away.

Purab is outside asking the guards what’s happening in the house.
Aliya asks if he has come to ask her to marry him.
He says he came to tell Abhi that he’s travelling.
Aliya tells him that Abhi just landed a contract and the family is celebrating but he’s not welcome inside.
Purab says he wanted to tell Abhi that he wants his friend back, without conditions.
He turns arond and leaves.

Abhi introduces 2 of his friends to Pragya.
They take him aside and ask how he can marry such an average girl.

Pragya and Sarla can hear them.

Abhi defends Pragya, saying she’s the most honest person he has ever met, she cares about her family, she’s innocent, truthful and loyal and he knows his grandmother will never chose a wrong person for him.

Sarla smiles and Pragya tells herself that Abhi seems like a nice guy after all.

Sarla goes to her family members and complains that Abhi’s family organised such a grand engagement and she doesn’t know how they can match it with the wedding.
Abhi’s grandmother overhears and tells her that she (Sarla) can take care of the wedding but they will organise the reception.

Pami and her daughter in law overhear them.

The daughter in law goes to Tanu to ask why she is not upset that Abhi is marrying someone else.
Tanu tells her that Aliya will explain better.

Aliya, who is standing behind her sister in law, warns her to kind her business because Abhi has no problem with the wedding, she doesn’t and Tanu too so she should mind her business.

Pragya and her family are ready to go home.
Abhi’s grandmother sends the servants to give them a lot of gifts.
Sarla tells her that they don’t need to give them so many gifts, they just want her blessings.
Abhi’s grandmother says Pragya is going to be a part of their family now.
She tells the driver to take them home, so they don’t have to go in a taxi.

Purvi is sitting next to Pragya in the car. She gushes about the big car.
Pragya says since she likes it so much, she will buy her a car like that after she gets married.
Abhi is listening.
He shakes his head.

The family arrive home and their neighbours all come to congratulate them.
The neighbours ask where the wedding will be and if Abhi will sing
Purvi tells them to direct all questions to her.

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As Pragya is about to go inside, she sees Suresh.
She stares at him then makes her way inside.

Bulbul asks Suresh what his problem is and why does he keep coming around to see Pragya
She tells him that Pragya is engaged and will be married in 3 days; Abhi is the right man for Pragya and if he has any respect for her, he will stay away till after the wedding.
Suresh say he is happy for Pragya and wants the nest for her.

Abhi sees Aliya and Tanu laughing.
He asks them what the joke is and Tanu says they are trying to guess what Abhi will call Pragya after marriage.

Abhi tells them to stop as it has already been an upsetting day for him.
He tells Aliya that he made money and never wanted it to be an obstacle but money has come between him and Purab because Pragya is only marrying him for his money; one day, Purab will know the truth and he will have his friend back.
Aliya has tears in her eyes as she sees how upset her brother is.

Sarla is organising the decoration of the wedding hall.
Grandmother asks what she has done to be able to afford that type of decoration.
Sarla says she mortgaged the wedding hall.
Grandmother is alarmed but Sarla assures her she will pay back the loan. She tells her not to let Pragya know about it.

Pragya overhears them and cries.

Bulbul tells Pragya that she wasn’t happy at first that Pragya was marrying Abhi but now she likes Abhi.

Sarla tells Pragya that she will be very happy in her new home; her husband and grandmother in law will love her and she won’t need to check a price tag before she buys anything again.

Pragya hugs her in tears and begs her to always take care of herself.
Sarla ties a black thread on her ankle for protection and tells her that she is starting a new life and nothing will go wrong.

It’s the day of the wedding.
Aliya’s little cousin, Nene, comes to the house. Aliya is happy to see her.

Grandmother asks Aliya where Abhi is; she has checked his room and he’s not there.
Aliya assures them that she will find him, even though she herself panics.

Sweety is around for the wedding but she explains to Sarla that Kabir broke his leg and the doctor told him to rest.

The family is outside waiting for the arrival of the groom’s family.

Aliya arrives and tells the people to step back as it’s for Abhi’s security.
She pretends that Abhi is in the car.
Purvi opens the door and they panic when they don’t see Abhi.
Sarla panics.

Abhi arrives in another car with Tanu.
Everyone is relieved when they see him.


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