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Zee World Movies: Twist Of Fate – Season 1 Episode 26 – Stories


Pragya is still sitting on Abhi’s bed, waiting for him.
He returns from his party and doesn’t say anything to her.
He takes off his traditional shirt and receives a call. He informs the caller that he had a couple of drinks and he’s not too drunk to drive.
He reluctantly agrees to allow the driver drop him.
He goes out again without saying a word to Pragya.

She picked up his shirt and folds it.

At 3:30 am, she becomes worried about him and hopes he didn’t drive himself.

She goes downstairs and sees the phone. She checks the number book beside it and sees Abhi’s driver’s number.
She calls and asks for Abhi.
The driver says he’s not allowed to tell her.
She begs him to tell her and he gives her the address.

Pragya goes outside and takes a taxi there.
She meets Abhi’s driver and asks him where exactly Abhi is.
The driver points at the building and tells her the apartment number.

Pragya gets there and is shocked to see Tanu at the apartment.
Tanu is also shocked to see her.
Abhi is drunk on the couch and doesn’t see her.
He tells Tanu to tell whoever has come to disturb them to go away.

Pragya asks Tanu what is going on.
Tanu tell her to find out from Abhi.

Abhi says he has to go back to that ugly woman, he’s tired of how boring the woman is and Tanu won’t believe how much he hates her.

Tanu tells Pragya that she has heard what he thinks of her so she can leave now and not disturb them.
Pragya leaves in tears.

Tanu calls Aliya over the phone to tell her what happened.
Aliya asks what Pragya’s reaction was.

Tanu says Pragya was too shocked and speechless.
Aliya thanks Tanu.

Pragya goes back to Abhi’s house crying.
She finally falls asleep on the floor.

In the morning, there is a knock on the door.
Pragya wakes up and opens it.
Abhi’s grandmother enters and asks if she is feeling okay.
She asks for Abhi and before Pragya can respond, Abhi comes out of the bathroom all dressed and looking fresh.
He greets his grandmother and tells her that he tried to wake Pragya up but she was too tired.
He asks Pragya nicely, if she slept well , then he tells her to go and wash her face, so they can have tea together.
Grandmother says she will be waiting downstairs.

As soon as grandmother leaves, Abhi who had his hands around Pragya, walks away from her without a word.

At breakfast, Sarla calls the house phone to speak to Pragya.
She asks Pragya how she is feeling.
Pragya looks at Abhi and she is unable to say anything.
Sarla asks Pragya if she’s okay..
Abhi takes the phone from her and tells Sarla that Pragya is very happy and they are all taking care of her.
He gives Pragya back the phone.
Pragya tells Sarla that they are having breakfast and she will call her back later.

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Pragya drags Abhi away from the table and to his bedroom.

She closes the door and tells him that she saw him last night and heard all he said, so she wants to know the truth and she wants to know why he married her.
Abhi tells her to go and ask her boyfriend Purab.
He says he knows girls like her, they look for rich men and go after them for money
He says he saw her when he came to her house and she was wearing his grandmother’s necklace.
Pragya is chocked.
Abhi says she stole Purab from his sister Aliya.

Aliya enters the room and asks Abhi why he’s talking to innocent Pragya like that.
Pragya thinks she has an ally but Aliya shocks her again by accusing her of stealing Purab and as such, they will make her life miserable in the house.

Abhi says they will expose her true character to Purab so he can have his friend back and Aliya can have her boyfriend back.
He says anyone can tell she’s greedy for money; she went after his best friend and because of her, Purab cheated on his sister then she met him and charmed his grandmother and got her to arrange their wedding so she can have all of his money and house.

Aliya asks if she thinks she will get married to Abhi and she will get away with it.
She says Purab will find out what she did and he will come back to her; Abhi knew everything and he went along with it.

Abhi says people must think Pragya is lucky because she’s married to a rockstar but the marriage is punishment for her and she will be suffering for the rest of her life.

They leave her alone in the room and Pragya is shocked they lied to her and are punishing her for something she didn’t do.

Bulbul and Purvi are upset with Sarla for not allowing them talk to Pragya on the phone.
Sarla says Pragya was busy with her family and they will see her at the reception.

Abhi tells Aliya that they have now told Pragya about their plan so what will the next step be.
Aliya says they will punish her everyday for what she has done; If she was looking for a life of luxury ,she will be shocked.

Abhi comes back to complain to Aliya that she should talk to their grandmother who wants to organise a reception for he and Pragya because he can’t handle the media.
Aliya says she will handle it and they need to focus on Purab; he needs to attend the reception so he can see for himself.

Abhi calls Purab on the phone.
Purab apologises to Abhi and says he expected the call.
Abhi says he got married.
Purab is surprised. He asks how come he didn’t know about it.
Abhi says maybe there is a network problem where he is.
Purab asks if he married Tanu.
Abhi says he didn’t marry Tanu and Purab has to come and see for himself. His grandmother chose the bride. and he explained to Tanu.
Purab says he hopes Abhi has forgiven him because if he had married Aliya, he wouldn’t have made her happy and Abhi wouldn’t have like that.
Abhi tells Purab to just come and they will talk about it.

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After the call, Abhi tells Aliya that talking to Purab makes him feel that Purab is remorseful and he misses his friend but he can’t get over Purab rejecting his sister.
He says he wants to see Purab’s reaction when he sees Pragya as his wife.

Pragya sees Abhi’s grandmother on the phone, inviting Sarla and the family to the reception.

Aliya goes to the room and gives Pragya a Sari that she must wear to the occasion.
She taunts her about never having worn such an expensive Sari before and says she may enjoy all the luxuries while the henna pattern is still on her hands but afterwards, she will get what she deserves and wear nothing but the rags she’s used to.
Pragya just stares at her.
Aliya tells her to get ready.

When Aliya leaves the room, Pragya tells herself that they value material things and not people and they used a sacred bond to seek revenge.
She decides she can’t stay in the family anymore.

Pami and her husband discussing.
She is complaining that she about not having enough money.

Pragya sees them and hides.
Pami asks who is there.
Her husband says there is no one.
When they leave, Pragya goes downstairs.

Aliya sees her and asks why she is not dressed and where she is going to.
Pragya tells her that it’s none of her business; she can’t live with them anymore and Aliya can’t stop her.
Pragya walks out of the house.

Pragya goes back to her family house but as she gets to the door, she hears Sarla fussing about the reception and the need for them to hurry up and get ready.

Pragya thinks of how much her family is different from Abhi’s. Hers is full of love and she knows if she tell her family what Abhi has done to her, they will understand.

Sarla continues to panic and fuss over presents they need to take.
She gets dizzy and sits down.
Bulbul asks if she took her medicine.
Sarla says Bulbul didn’t put the medicine in her hand like Pragya used to do, so she forgot.
Bulbul tells her that she needs to take her medicine otherwise Pragya will worry about her.
Purvi’s mother suggests Sarla doesn’t attend the reception.
Sarla says she can’t miss it and seeing Pragya happy means she will be happy too.
She tells them not to mention to Pragya that she is sick because Pragya has been through a lot and if she is happy with her in laws, then nothing will make her sick.

Sarla looks in the doorway and sees Pragya.
Pragya hides and Sarla calls her name. She tells the others that she saw Pragya.
They tell her that Pragya isn’t there.

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They follow when outside and convince her that Pragya is not there.

When they go back inside, Pragya comes out of hiding and decides she can’t hurt her mother anymore; she will have to sacrifice her happiness to keep her family happy.

Aliya is on the phone with Tanu. She says Pragya may not be as easy as they expected because she spoke to her with so much confidence and walked out.

Grandmother asks Aliya if she has seen Pragya.
Abhi asks grandmother what the matter is.
Grandmother says no one knows where Pragya went and the 2 of them don’t seem to be bothered.
Abhi says if he didn’t care about Pragya, he wouldn’t have married her.
Abhi says she must be in the house and Grandmother shouldn’t worry.
Grandmother says she is worried.
Abhi says Pragya knows it’s their reception and she will be around.

Grandmother leaves and Aliya tells Abhi that Pragya really left and it’s his fault for telling her the truth; if Purab doesn’t see Pragya at the reception, their plans will be ruined.
She tells him to go and bring her back.
Abhi says he’s not going anywhere because he thinks Pragya is just trying to fool them; she did it before and changed her mind over a gold necklace and that’s what she probably wants again.
Aliya tells him to give it to her then.
Abhi says when Pragya gets home and misses the luxury at his house, she will return.

Suresh sees Pragya and asks if she’s okay. He says he can see she is shedding tears of joy as she has found happiness she didn’t expect; he knows she misses her family and has come to see them.
Pragya is quiet.
Suresh says he had a wrong impression of Abhi but Abhi married the woman his grandmother chose for him, so he must be a great man to cherish his family.
Pragya says she has to go.
Suresh leaves then comes back to tell her the taxis are on strike today. He offers to drop her off even if not as a friend, as a neighbour.

Pragya gets on the scooter.

Back at Abhi’s house, grandmother is still looking for Abhi.

Suresh drops Pragya and she begs him not to tell her family members that she was at their house.
He asks why she didn’t see them.
She begs him not to ask her anything.

Mitali sees Pragya talking to Suresh from her window and decides to rush down and hear what they are saying

Pragya thanks Suresh and enters the house.
Suresh wonders what is wrong.

Mitali meets Pragya in the living room and tells her that everyone has been looking for her.
Pragya says she went to her college to inform them she won’t be available today.
Mitali tells her to go and get ready.

Mitali tells herself that Pragya is lying and she will find out the truth.


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