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Zee World Movies: Twist Of Fate – Season 1 Episode 27 – Stories


Pragya gets to the room and Aliya shouts at her, asking where she went and if she knows how worried their grandmother was.
Grandmother tells Aliya not to shout at her because she she went to inform the people at her college.
She tells Aliya to go and join the guests.

When Aliya leaves, Grandmother tells Pragya to let her know if she has any problems at all because she wants her to be happy.

At the reception, Pragya looks uncomfortable standing beside Abhi. He tells her to smile as it is not a religious ceremony.
Tanu arrives and goes to stand next to Abhi, holding him and leaning close so their faces touch.
Grandmother appears and Tanu walks away.

Sarla and her family arrive and Grandmother goes to welcome them.
She asks Sarla if she is fine.
Sarla says she’s fine.
Pragya’s grandmother tells her that Sarla wasn’t feeling well a while ago, she was dizzy and thinking she saw Pragya at the house. She is worried about Pragya.

Aliya overhears and tells herself that Pragya didn’t go home and must have gone elsewhere.
She listens some more to hear Sarla say if Pragya is happy then she is also happy.

She goes to Pragya and says she knows her weakness now. She asks why Pragya came back.
Pragya doesn’t respond.
She says Pragya’s life is controlled by her mother, she is afraid of what will happen to her mother that’s why she can’t leave them and go back home because her mother can’t handle it.
She says now that she has found out the weakness, she will use it against her.
Pragya is shocked.
Aliya tells her to watch how she takes everything away from her just as she took Purab from her.

Pragya sees her family watching so she pretends to be smiling so they don’t think she has a problem.

Abhi comes to receive Pragya’s family. He talks and jokes with them and they all fall for his charm.

Abhi’s friend gives Pragya a gift then goes to say hello to Abhi.
He asks Abhi what happened to him and says he can help him cover up, so he can spend time with Tanu.
They both look in Tanu’s direction and Abhi turns his friend’s face away while reminding him that Tanu is still his girlfriend.
The friend tells him that’s how a real man does it.

Bulbul goes to meet Pragya. She hugs her and asks how her first day was.
She says she can’t stand Aliya but she likes Abhi.
She asks how the first night was and asks why she is blushing when they promised to share everything.
Pragya is still silent.
Bulbul says no problem, she can come to her when she is ready to tell her everything.
They hug one another a second time.

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Abhi’s friends ask him why he got married and if he loves his wife.
He says he loves her so much that he hopes he can kill her, since they say lovers can die for one another.
They ask him what happened when he first saw her.
He says he lost his head and then he wanted to sq££ze her.
They tell him to introduce her to them.

Abhi comes to get Pragya.
Bulbul asks if he will only write songs for Pragya from now on.
Abhi says he knows Pragya will not be able to handle the type of fame that comes with that.
Purvi tells him that if he keeps joking with Pragya like that, he will pay the price.

Pragya reminds him that he wanted to take her somewhere.

He takes her to his friends and one says she’s so simple.
Abhi says she’s not so simple she’s a really smart woman.
The friend says when 2 people are truly in love you won’t care about beauty.
Abhi says he’s a funny man and won’t change.
Pragya stands there looking miserable.

Sarla tells Pragya that she looks so beautiful in her clothes.
She asks Pragya if she is happy.
Pragya remembers what her mother said to her family about no one letting Pragya know she is sick.
Pragya holds her mother and cries.
Sarla asks if anyone said anything to her.
Pragya doesn’t answer.
Sarla says if she doesn’t say anything, she will go and talk to Abhi.
Pragya says everyone in the family is lovely and Abhi is the best, she just got emotional when she saw them; she misses being teased by Purvi and Bulbul.
Her grandmother tells her not to cry when she sees them.

Abhi is watching them.

Sarla says Pragya gave her a scare.
Abhi comes to them and says he hopes she wasn’t complaining about him.
Sarla says she was complimenting him.
Sarla thanks him for making her daughter so happy.
Abhi says he should be thanking them instead because if she didn’t come into his life when she did, then he doesn’t know who will make him this happy.
He takes her hand and leads her away.

Purab is in a cab back into Mumbai. He wonders why Bulbul isn’t taking his call.

Aliya tells Abhi that she is worried that Purab hasn’t called.
Abhi gets a call from Purab. Purab says he is stuck in a traffic jam.
Abhi asks how long he will be.
Purab says it will take him 3 hours.
Abhi tells him no problem, he’s expecting him.
He tells Aliya and she complains that the reception will be over by then.

Pragya’s phone rings and she goes to answer it in a private corner.
It’s Purab.
He begs her to hear him out as Bulbul won’t give him the chance to explain to her.
He says he’s coming to Mumbai and wants to see Bulbul.
He begs Pragya to listen to him.
Pragya reluctantly agrees.
Purab says he and Abhi have been best friends since they were kids and Abhi made him promise to marry Aliya and he agreed for the sake of their friendship.
Pragya listens to the entire story in shock.
Purab says he really loves Bulbul.
Pragya says she knows that.
He asks how she knows when he told only Abhi and Aliya.
She tells him that they will talk when he comes.

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Aliya takes the phone from Pragya and sees it’s Purab who called.
She asks Pragya if he’s coming and says he should come so he can see her married to Abhi.

Pragya thinks to herself that she had such a simple life and didn’t ask for what she is getting now.
She wonders what Abhi will do when he discovers Purab loves Bulbul and not her.
She decides she will leave the house for Bulbul and her mother’s sake.

Tanu tells Abhi to go and give his wife some attention as she is standing by herself.

Abhi goes to Pragya.
Sarla brings her friend to introduce to Pragya and Abhi.
The friend blesses them.
She gives Pragya vermillion and says it’s very important for a married woman because it signifies married life.
She says she will pray for them.

Abhi tells himself that no prayer will help.
He tells Pragya to excuse him.

Suresh arrives at the reception with a gift but he sees Abhi talking to Pragya and they both smile so he concludes that they are happy and he was worried unnecessarily.

Pragya sees him and introduces him to Abhi.
Abhi says he knows Suresh and he’s a man of honour.
Suresh tells him to forget the past and they shake hands.
Suresh gives Pragya the gift.
Abhi tells them to carry on and excuses them.
Suresh tells Pragya that he was worried when he saw her earlier but he has now realised that she is happy with Abhi.
He says goodbye and turns to leave but sees Bulbul at the doorway.

She blocks his path and asks why he came.
She asks if he came to see that Pragya is happy.
She tells him that Pragya is very happy with her husband.
Suresh asks why she misunderstands him.
She asks if he has any idea how Pragya feels whenever she sees him. She tells him not to come near Pragya again otherwise he will see the worst of her.
Suresh walks out.

Purvi and Bulbul beg Abhi to please perform for them.
Abhi asks how he would perform at his own wedding.
They tell him it’s not his wedding but a reception.
Bulbul begs Sarla to convince Abhi.
Sarla begs him to do it for her.
Abhi agrees on the condition that Pragya performs with him.
Pragya is shocked.
Bulbul tells her to just do it.
Pragya says she is terrible at dancing.
Abhi says it’s what her mother wants so she should just do it.
Pragya says she has never danced before.
He says be will teach her.
They get on stage and Abhi throws her around. She moves about awkwardly till she falls down.
He tells the guests that she is learning and it is to be expected.

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He gives Pragya his hand and tells her the lesson is not over yet.
He continues to throw her around the stage.

Tanu asks her friend if Abhi is dancing or just trying to scare Pragya.
Her friend says it looks like he’s teasing her for separating them.
Tanu says she will get Abhi back soon and Pragya doesn’t know what she is in for.

Abhi continues to dance with Pragya till she falls down again.
He picks up her glasses and softly pushes her hair out of her face then tells her some people fall in love with their partner’s eyes but he has fallen in love with her glasses.
He asks if she has learnt enough for the day or they should continue.
She ignores him.

Aliya tells Abhi that Pragya is married to him but can’t stop talking to Purab.
Abhi says he hopes she hasn’t told Purab that they are married.
Aliya says she doesn’t think so and Pragya probably has something else up her sleeves.
Abhi says he can’t wait for Purab to stand in front of her and learn the truth.

Purab calls Abhi and says he will be with them in 10 minutes.
Abhi informs Aliya and Bulbul overhears.

Bulbul decides she will need to leave before he gets there so as not to create a scene.
Purvi comes to pull her to the dance floor.
She tries to protest but Purvi says she has to dance.

Purab arrives and as he is about to enter the house, he gets emotional as he remembers how Abhi threw him out and how they have been friends since childhood.
He decides he will tell Abhi everything. He starts to rehearse what he will say.

Bulbul is thinking of Purab and remembers when she saw him with Aliya.
She decides she can’t stay till he arrives.

They almost run into each other but someone calls Purab and he turns in another direction.
Bulbul sees him with his back turned and she hides.


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