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Zee World Movies: Twist Of Fate – Season 1 Episode 28 – Stories


Abhi friends tell him to play some of his new music for them.
He tells them they will have to wait.
They convince him to and he takes them upstairs to his studio.
Purab enters the main room where the reception is holding.

Aliya is in the room,complaining about Bulbul who keeps bumping into her, sos he doesn’t see Purab.

Mitali sees Purab and he asks who Abhi’s wife is.
She laughs and says she’s very nice and he would love to meet her.
He sees Tanu jesting and laughing with some guys and wonders why she is not enraged.

Mitali goes to tell Pragya that she wants her to meet someone. She calls Purab over and he is shocked to see Pragya is Abhi’s wife.
Mitali noticed the look on Purab’s face when he see Pragya so she stays back to know what is going on but Grandmother calls her away and she has to leave.

Purab asks Pragya how she married Abhi, same Abhi who hates her.
Pragya says Abhi’s grandmother really liked her and she came with a proposal to her house.
Purab says it’s not possible because Abhi hates arranged marriages.
Pragya tells him to just accept it.
He figures it out and asks if Aliya orchestrated everything out of a misunderstanding.

He holds Pragya and just at that time, Abhi sees them and thinks they are having a fight.

Pragya tells Purab that it’s not a misunderstanding but she is married to Abhi because they both wanted it.
Purab says he will find out the truth.

Abhi joins them as Purab is about to walk away.
He pulls him back and gives him a hug then introduces him to Pragya as his wife.

Purab looks confused but Pragya gives him a sign not to say much.
Purab says he’s dizzy and needs to sit down.
Abhi says he understands.
Purab leaves and Abhi tells Pragya that she broke her boyfriend’s heart and he missed it but Purab will visit often and he will enjoy watching them.
He says he felt bad earlier when he was mistreating her but now he will enjoy watching her suffer.
He remembers Aliya and says he has a lot to tell Aliya; Purab came, Purab’s heart got broken and his health deteriorated.

Purab is on his way home in a taxi.
He is wondering why they didn’t tell him about the wedding.
He decides to call Bulbul to find out more.

Bulbul is back home. She sees his call but doesn’t answer it.

The guests are leaving the reception.
Sarla and her family are about to leave as well.
Abhi’s grandmother says she wants both families to take a photo.
Abhi says the photographer is gone.
Grandmother says they will use a phone camera.
She tells Tanu to take the photo.

Tana pretends to be happy about it then decides to have a little fun at Abhi’s expense.
She says the couple are standing apart, so they need to stand together.
Pragya reluctantly moves close to Abhi.
Tanu tells Abhi to put his hands on Pragya’s shoulder.
Abhi does.
Tanu takes the photo and afterwards, Abhi takes his hand away from Pragya’s shoulder.
Tanu says they need to take one more and Pragya should take off her glasses.
Abhi sees what Tanu is doing and says he will take it off for her.
He slowly takes off the glasses then puts his hand around Pragya as if he likes it.
Tanu takes the photo and Abhi asks if she needs any more shots.
Tanu says it’s okay.

Bulbul gets a text from Purab saying he wants to talk to her about her sister.
She calls him and asks why he is dragging Pragya into their matter.
Purab says he saw Pragya at Abhi’s house and something is up.
Bulbul says Pragya is married to Abhi and they are happy so he shouldn’t bother her.
She hangs up.
Purab is very confused as he has no idea what’s going on.

Bulbul is thinking of the good times with Purab and starts to shed tears.
Purvi comes home and asks why she left so early.
She starts talking about what happened at the reception after Bulbul left.

Pragya is in Abhi’s bedroom..
She picks up Abhi’s shirt from the bed and complains that he doesn’t fold his clothes.
Abhi enters and says she knows where he is sleeping tonight so she shouldn’t bother coming to look for him.
Pragya says she has no plans to look for him so he can go.

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He says he knows she wants him to go so she can go to see Purab.
He says she loves Purab doesn’t she?
Pragya says she does.
He says she’s lying, she can never love anyone because she loves money too much.
Pragya says no one can love him, he has a bad attitude.
Abhi says she will suffer, she is trapped in the house and can’t go anywhere.

Pragya says the further he stays away from her the better.

He says she didn’t says what Purab said and she’s such a
She turns around and he says a ‘Beauty.’

He tells her to stay in the house by herself while he goes to have a ball.

She tells him it’s better he goes because it will be punishment for her if he stays.

He turns back and says he knows she wants to go to Purab while married to him but she can’t have any of that, Purab will marry Aliya while he goes back to Tanu.
He says Tanu allowed him marry her because she knows he can never fall in love with a woman who wears glasses.

Pragya says she agrees because he doesn’t understand love at all and she’s not like him but it’s pointless being in love.
He says everyone can see that she loves is money.
She says she doesn’t understand how people can love him when she despises him so much.
He tells her to be quiet and to leave his shirt alone and not to forget she’s in his house.
She tells him not to forget he’s talking to his wife.
He says she’s only there because he’s married to her.
Pragya says she’s there for the very same reason.
He says this is just the beginning of her suffering.
Pragya says she is already regretting it.
He tells her she still has it very easy as they only just got married, he will make her hate her life.

She asks why he is still talking to her, he’s supposed to be at his girlfriend’s and she might start to think he’s in love with her so he should go and he can insult her tomorrow, they both know she’s trapped in the house thanks to him.

Abhi says she’s welcome.
He leaves the room.

He gets downstairs and his grandmother asks where he is going.
He says he’s going out with some friends.

Grandmother says he can go any other time but not tonight, he needs to spend time with his wife.
Abhi protests but she takes him upstairs and waits till he goes back into the room.

Pragya is shocked to see Abhi.
She quickly picks up her shawl from the bed and puts around her neck.
She asks why he came back.
Abhi says if he didn’t fight with her he could have gone out, now he has to stay there for the night.

He takes off his shirt and she asks what he’s doing.
She tries not to look at him.

Abhi tells her to stop acting so innocent because he’s sure she knows what he’s doing.
Pragya turns away, facing the mirror.
He stands behind her and takes off his trousers and Pragya almost passes out.
She stammers and tells him that he cannot do that.
Abhi says that’s how he sleeps and if she has any problems with it, she may sleep outside and if she decides to do that, she shouldn’t make a sound because his grandmother may hear her.

Pragya goes out and sees his grandmother. She hides and goes back into the room.
She enters with her hand covering her eyes.
She moves to the bed to get some pillows and accidentally touches Abhi’s bare chest.
He complains and she opens her eyes to see.
She moves away quickly.
He tells her not to touch him and she says she has no intention of touching him.
She picks up a pillow and he says it’s his favourite pillow.
She throws it back on the bed and says now she will never touch it.

She picks a duvet and tells him that she’s going to sleep on the balcony.
He tells her to get used to it.

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Pragya spreads the duvet on the balcony and lies on it.
She thinks about what Bulbul was saying, that she was sure Abhi sang his love songs for her on their first night together.

Abhi starts sneezing.
Pragya ignores him at first but when the sneeze gets out of control, she goes into the room.

Abhi is asking himself what he’s allergic to.
Pragya tells him he’s not allergic but sick because of what he puts in his body.
He asks what that is.
She goes to get him some warm water.
She tells him to stop his bad habits of eating junk late at night.
She gives him the water and he asks her what she’s doing.
Pragya says she’s doing it for herself because she will not be able to sleep with his annoying sneezes.
He says he will make sure she doesn’t sleep.
She gives him the warm water and tells him to drink.
He takes it and drinks then tells her it’s as horrible as she is.
She tells him to drink it all or keep looking at her.
He drinks and stops sneezing.
She tells him to put on some clothes or he won’t get better.
He tells her he will drink more warm water if he doesn’t get better.

In the morning, Abhi’s phone is ringing.
Someone taps him and he wakes up to see Tanu.
She tells him he has a phone call.
He says he’s not in the mood to talk to anyone.
He says Pragya gave him warm water last night and it tasted better because she touched it and he’s really not feeling well and doesn’t know why he married her.
Tanu says it will be alright.
Abhi says now that she’s here, it will be.

Pragya wakes him up from his dream and he’s shocked to see her.
She asks him if he was having a nightmare.
He says she’s the nightmare.
She says yet she lives there thanks to him and it would have been better if they didn’t share a room.
She gives him his phone and says it’s driving her insane.

Abhi picks the call and says “Hi baby.”
Tanu asks if something happened between him and Pragya.
Abhi says Pragya tried to woo him but he didn’t respond so she slept on the balcony and Tanu has nothing to worry about.

Aliya tells Abhi that she has to attend a graduation ceremony in Australia.
Abhi asks what about Purab and Pragya.
Aliya says she knows but she has to go and Abhi should promise to stay away from Pragya.
Abhi says no matter how Pragya tries to woo him, she will always be an ugly woman.

Sarla calls Pragya to find out if she is coming home for the rituals.
Pragya wonders how she will go home and hide how she feels from her mother.
She tells her mother that Abhi is busy and they won’t be able to make it.
Sarla says she has to come.
Abhi’s grandmother takes the phone from Pragya and tells Sarla that she will make sure Abhi and Pragya attend the ceremony.
Pragya is almost in tears.

Abhi is working out in his room.
He calls his servant and asks for his coffee.
The servant says Pragya is making it for him today.
Abhi tells himself that he will show her when she brings it.

Grandmother is showing Pragya how to make Abhi’s coffee.
Pragya asks why she added cinnamon powder to it.
Grandmother says that’s how Abhi drinks his coffee and she should learn how to make it.

Pragya brings the coffee to Abhi.
Grandmother is waiting by the door but Abhi doesn’t see her.

Abhi tastes the coffee and says its 3rd class and horrible.
He asks if she has ever made coffee because he can get better coffee on the streets.
He asks why grandmother didn’t make it.

Grandmother enters the room and asks him if it was really horrible.
Abhi is shocked to see her.
She says he always liked his coffee that way that’s why she made it that way.
He asks if she made the coffee then says he knows she made it that’s what it tastes so amazing.
Grandmother asks why he spoke to Pragya like that.
Abhi says they are married now, so they can pull each other’s legs.
Grandmother asks if he was teasing her so early in the morning.
He says he wants Pragya to be able to make better coffee than his grandmother that’s why he was teasing her.
He asks if she would forgive him.
Grandmother says she will forgive on once condition, he has to follow Pragya home for a post wedding ritual.
He complains they’ve had so many already.
Grandmother says if he does not go, then she won’t make him coffee or talk to him ever again.
Abhi says he will go. He tells Pragya that he will bear the torture for grandmother.
Grandmother tells him not to talk like that.
He apologises and asks when he will die.
Grandmother is shocked.
He says when will he go?
Grandmother says that’s the question to ask.
Abhi says it’s the same thing.
Grandmother says they have to go right now, so he needs to get ready.

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Pragya’s neighbourhood is full of people standing in front of her house.
They are waiting to see Abhi.

Abhi and Pragya arrive and Pragya is shocked to see the crowd.
She asks why there are so many people there.
Abhi says there must be a sale or they are there to see her.
Abhi gets out of the car and the crowd gathers him.
Pragya is irritated.
One of the fans tells her friend that Pragya is so lucky to be married to Abhi.
Abhi and Pragya hear her.
Abhi turns and winks at Pragya.
He asks if she heard the crowd is dying to be with him and they are saying how lucky she is.

Suresh meets them at the entrance and says he’s happy to see them.
Abhi tells Pragya that everyone is happy to see him.
Suresh says the crowd is actually there for Pragya; everyone loves Pragya in the neighbourhood and Abhi is lucky to be married to her.

Abhi leaves them and goes into the house.

Purvi rushes in to tell Sarla and the family that Abhi has arrived.
Everyone introduces themselves to Abhi, including Kabir, Sweety and their children.
They take him oin to sit with Pragya.
They fuss over him.
One of Pragya’s uncles arrives, he tells Sarla that she didn’t invite him to the wedding.
Sarla says she did.
He says she didn’t tell him Pragya was marrying a rock star.
The man goes to Abhi and fusses over him, saying he had to call in sick at work so as to come and see Abhi.
Abhi writes his autograph on the man’s palm and he says he won’t wash it ever again.

Purab wonders what he will do about the situation; Pragya won’t tell him anything and Bulbul won’t talk to him.
He wonders who he will ask about why Pragya and Abhi got married.
Purab decides he will go to Bulbul’s house since she won’t talk to him or take his calls.

Abhi has been overfed by Pragya’s family members.
He is begging them to please stop.
Everyone wants him to taste their own dish.
Sarla begs them to leave him alone as he can’t eat so much at a sitting.
Abhi thanks her.
Purvi comes and begs Abhi to taste her dessert as he hasn’t tasted her own.
Sarla tells her to keep it as Abhi can’t eat anymore.
Purvi begs him to eat.
Abhi says he has to use the bathroom.
Everyone wants to show him the bathroom.
He tells them to just point him but they all follow anyways.

Purab enters the house and meets Sarla.
She recognises him from the reception and asks if he’s Abhi’s friend.
Purab says he is.
Sarla tells him to sit while she gets Abhi.

She tells Bulbul to go and attend to Abhi’s friend in the living room.
Bulbul gets to the living room and sees him but he has his back turned to her.
She runs back and informs Pragya that Purab is in the house.

Pragya peeps and sees him.
She decides that if Abhi realises Purab came to see Bulbul and he discovers it is Bulbul Purab loves, then Abhi might go after Bulbul, so she won’t let them see each other.


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