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Zee World Movies: Twist Of Fate – Season 1 Episode 30 – Stories


Abhi returns home and his niece and nephew run to him.
He plays with them and they ask for his wife.
He tells them she is coming behind.
They see Pragya and rush to her. They remember her from the day they couldn’t find their father.

Raj sees her and tells Abhi that she was the one who tried to kidnap his kids the other day
Mitali is shocked, she goes to the children and tells them to leave Pragya and go do their homework.

Abhi goes to Pragya and talks quietly so only she can hear him.
He accuses her of trying to sell the children for money.
Pragya tells him he keeps making wrong judgements.
He warns that if she does anything to his family, he will deal with her.

He turns to his family and tells them that it’s a mistake and Pragya was only trying to help the children to find their father that day.
He asks Pragya if that is what she is telling people.
Pragya says that is the truth.

Grandmother sees them and asks how they are.
Abhi says he really loves Pragya’s grandmother.
His grandmother asks if he’s trying to make her jealous but she knows no one can take her place in his life.
She gives them tickets and says they are for their honeymoon in Switzerland.
Abhi says he has a lot of work commitments.
Grandmother says she doesn’t care about his work.
Abhi says he can take Pragya somewhere nearby and not Switzerland, he will take her to Shimla.
Grandmother agrees to the compromise.

Rachna is shocked to see Akash is Suresh’s house.
She begs him to please leave.
Akash says he just wants to know why she stopped the women from harassing him the other day.

She tells him to go before Suresh find shim in the house.

Suresh sees Akash and tells him to leave.
Akash says he just wants to talk to Rachna.
Suresh warns him to leave.
Akash says he has a right to talk to Rachna because he’s the father of her child.
Suresh slaps him and throws him out with a warning never to show his face again.

Bulbul arrives at Abhi’s house
She sees his grandmother who directs her to Abhi’s room.

She meets Pragya in the room.
Pragya is surprised to see her. She asks if everything is fine
Bulbul stares sadly at Pragya.
Pragya tells her that it’s Abhi’s room so she should look around, he has his guitar, a big wardrobe and the view from the room is the best she has ever seen.
Bulbul is not interested in all of that. She asks Pragya if she is happy.
Pragya freezes.
Bulbul says she doesn’t seem to be very happy; she has everything but she hasn’t smiled in a while.
Pragya says she has all she needs.
Bulbul says she is not happy.
Pragya says she is happy.
Bulbul says she was standing outside the room and heard all Abhi said to Pragya.
Pragya says Abhi just likes to tease her
Bulbul says she’s not a child so Pragya can’t deceive her.

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Bulbul tells Pragya that they’ve always shared the truth so why is she hiding the truth now.
Pragya says nothing’s wrong, everything’s fine.

Bulbul says if Pragya won’t tell her, then she will ask Abhi.
She leaves the room to go and look for Abhi.
Pragya begs her not to. She says nothing will change as she is already married to Abhi and she cannot tell her mother the truth now because it will kill her.

Pami sees them along the corridor and asks what they are doing there.
Pragya says she was only showing Bulbul the house.

They go back to Abhi’s room and Bulbul says she will go to the police to report that Abhi is maltreating Pragya.
Pragya ‘says she can’t do that because their mother will get to know, everyone will find out Bulbul is the one dating Purab and they will treat her badly.
She reminds her of their mother’s health and how she will suffer if she learns the truth.
She says she only wants their mother to be happy because that will also make her happy.
She begs her to promise not to tell anyone the truth.
Bulbul cries saying she made a promise not to create more problems for Pragya but now she is doing it again.
Pragya begs her not to cry.

Grandmother calls Pami, Mitali and Raj.
She tells them to help her and make arrangements for Pragya and Abhi’s honeymoon.
She warns them not to disturb them with phone calls when they are on their honeymoon.
Mitali thinks to herself that she wasn’t given a honeymoon when she married Raj.
She tells Raj that they should go o their honeymoon.
Raj tells her that they are not newlyweds and as such can’t go on a honeymoon.

Tanu enters the house and overhears Grandmother talking about the honeymoon.
He gets upset that Abhi didn’t mention the honeymoon to her.

Abhi enters the room and sees Bulbul.
Pragya gives Bulbul a sign not to say anything.
Bulbul tells Pragya she is leaving.
She walks past Abhi without a word.

Abhi accuses Pragya of going behind his back to plan with his grandmother about the honeymoon.
Pragya says she is also not looking forward to it and if he doesn’t want to go, he can tell his grandmother.

Tanu sees Abhi and asks why he didn’t tell her he was going on his honeymoon with Pragya.
Abhi says it’s just a formality.
Tanu says she does not trust Pragya because she can spike his drink.

Abhi takes Tanu into his room.
He tells her to look at Pragya and say if she really thinks he can fall for such.

He tells Pragya to tell Tanu what he said last night about her face reminding him of an ugly heroine in a movie.
Tanu smiles.
He tells Tanu that he was drunk but couldn’t even touch Pragya.
Pragya stands there, really hurt at his words.
Abhi tells Pragya that he hates her and he will make her life a living hell; he loves Tanu.

Tanu is smiling as Pragya is unable to hold back the tears.

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Abhi is taking Tanu on a drive.
Tanu asks if he saw Pragya’s face.
He says he hopes he has cleared her doubts now.
Tanu says she’s sorry she doubted him.
She asks how he will spend time with her on the honeymoon.
Abhi says he doesn’t know how he can spend 4 whole days alone with Pragya.
Tanu says she has a plan.

Sarla calls Abhi’s house and grandmother answers the call.
Sarla asks about Pragya and Grandmother informs them about the honeymoon.
Sarla asks when they will be leaving.
Grandmother says they will leave in the morning around 10am.
Sarla says she will come and see Pragya before they leave.

Bulbul panics when she hears about the honeymoon.

Grandmother asks Pragya if she is feeling well.
Pragya says she has a headache.
Grandmother offers to give her a massage then she tells the help to clean Abhi’s room.

The family is at the dinner table.
Abhi is not back home.
Pragya offers to get the food but grandmother says the servants will bring it.
Pami thinks to herself that Pragya is being treated like a queen while the rest of them do all the work.
She tells Pragya to taste the food first because it will be delicious.
Grandmother tells her Pragya made the food.
Pami is surprised.

Abhi comes home and grandmother tells him to have dinner with them.
He says he already ate.
She tells him that he has bad habits that Pragya will have to take care of.
He climbs the table and leans into Pragya’s face then asks if she will tend to him.
Grandmother cautions him and he says he was only teasing her.

Grandmother leaves the table and Abhi follows.
Pragya says she will get some more water.
As she in going to the kitchen she overhears Pami saying Pragya can get away with anything she likes.
Mitali concurs and Pami vows to teach her a lesson.

Abhi gets to his room and complains that it has been rearranged.
Pragya tells him his grandmother told the help to arrange it.
He gets upset and says his cupboard was touched and his stuff has been moved around.

He looks and sees she placed a little idol on the wall.
He complains that his grandmother wouldn’t have ordered that because she knows he doesn’t believe in God.
Pragya says she was the one who put it there.
Abhi says it’s his room and she needs his permission to put up anything.
Pragya says he doesn’t need his permission for an idol.
Abhi tells her to take the idol and get rid of it.
He says human beings create their own destinies and not God.
Pragya says God created everything.
He asks why God has punished her with a husband like him if God really exists.
He says God is just an excuse for lazy people.

He asks which God she will pray to now to get rid of him and if there really is a God then she needs to file a case against the God who gave her a terrible husband like him.
He says it wasn’t God that brought them together but he did because he planned everything with Aliya; when he was growing up they, had nothing but he worked hard to be able to feed his family.
He tells her to tell God to make him a common man and take away his rockstar status if there really is a good.
Pragya says he is very arrogant; when all his wealth and friends leave him, that is when God will step in.
Abhi says there is no God.
Pragya says if he believed in God his family would not have fallen apart.
Abhi says he now knows how she won his grandmother over, through talks like this.

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Bulbul meets Purab in town.
Purab says he’s so happy to see her. He says he agreed to marry Aliya because of Abhi and now he does not know what’s going on and why Abhi and Pragya got married.
Bulbul tells him that Abhi mistook Pragya for her and thinks Pragya is the one Purab is in love with.

Sarla has come to see Pragya before she leaves with Abhi on their honeymoon.
Sarla tells her to take her socks. shawl and cough syrup.
Abhi asks Pragya if she drinks cough syrup.
Sarla says it’s the real cough syrup and not grandmother’s type because Pragya can get sick when it’s really cold.
Abhi’s grandmother assures her that Pragya will be fine
Sarla says Pragya has never flown on a plane before.

Sarla gives Abhi a sweater she made a long time ago and tells him to wear it.
Abji takes it and thanks her.

Purab tells Bulbul that Abhi could never have planned such and he’s sure it’s Aliya.
He says he will talk to Abhi but Bulbul begs him not to talk to him so that Abhi doesn’t take his anger out on Pragya.
Purab says he will fix it.
Bulbul says there is only one way to fix it and that’s for him to marry Aliya.
Purab is shocked.

Abhi and Pragya are in the car.
He complains about the sweater saying he can’t wear such a thing as he can’t even clean his windows with it, it is cheap, hard and too scratchy.
Pragya starts crying and says her mother made the jersey.
Abhi is surprised and tells her to stop crying.
Pragya continues crying
Abhi is uncomfortable. He tells the driver to turn on the music.
The driver puts on music and turns up the volume.
Abhi looks and sees Pragya is still crying.
He tells the driver to turn it off.
He tells Pragya that he had no idea her mother made the sweater, he thought it was her so naturally he had to insult it.
Pragya is still crying.
He says if she thinks he will apologise she’s mistaken.
Pragya continues crying quietly.
Abhi looks like really remorseful. He says he made a mistake and he’s sorry.
He tells her to stop crying.
Pragya is shocked at his apology.
She wipes her tears.


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